C.W Park Explains How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Marketing Is Done

C.W Park Explains How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Marketing Is Done

C.W Park is the director of the Global Branding Center, which helps businesses with many elements of their business, including branding and marketing. Many industries have been transformed by the global pandemic, and marketing is one of these industries. Everything from the way products is marketed to how consumers relate to marketing tactics has changed, and many industry professionals believe that these changes are here to stay. Here is more information about the various ways that COVID-19 has changed the way that marketing is done.

C.W Park Explains How COVID-19 Changed the Way Businesses Operated

C.W Park says that COVID-19 changed the way that businesses operated. Many dine-in restaurants started to offer to-go dining options, while many pest control companies began to test their employees before they were allowed in people’s homes. These changes to procedure need to be highlighted, and as such, marketing needs to reflect these changes. While not every change is going to stick around once COVID-19 is gone, many things, such as curbside pick-ups, are expected to stick around. Marketing can help your business highlight these changes and ensure customers know what options they have available to them when it comes to your business.

C.W Park Details How Companies Had to Do More With Fewer Resources

C.W Park explains that another significant change to marketing that occurred thanks to COVID-19 was having to do more with fewer resources. Marketing was essential during the pandemic. However, many people were out sick, took leaves of absence to homeschool their children or businesses simply had less money coming in to spend on marketing. As such, marketing departments around the world had to start getting creative. They had to do more but had fewer team members and less money to spend than they were used to. As such, cheaper marketing methods have been created, and many of these options are expected to stick around.

C.W Park Says Digital Marketing Has Taken Over Thanks to COVID-19

C.W Park states that the final major change to the way marketing was done thanks to COVID-19 is the expansion of digital marketing. Digital marketing has been steadily increasing over the past two decades. However, as consumers found themselves stuck at home, they started turning to the Internet even more than ever before. Digital marketing went through the roof, including social media marketing, online video marketing, and search engine optimization marketing techniques. Digital marketing techniques proved to be invaluable and extremely profitable. As such, it is expected that digital marketing will be a huge marketing technique that will continue to be used after the pandemic is over.

C.W Park believes that COVID-19 has changed the way that marketing is done. New parts of businesses need to be highlighted, techniques have had to change as companies have fewer resources, and digital marketing has truly taken over. While many experts predict that many of these changes are here to stay, Mr. Park knows that marketing is always changing and evolving. As such, he cannot wait to see what new techniques emerge as the world starts to transition away from a global pandemic and towards finding a new normal in the post-Coronavirus world.