California Wedding Dress Designer Sets Plus Size Precedent

California Wedding Dress Designer Sets Plus Size Precedent

In an ever-changing bridal fashion industry, San Diego based designer Jana Ann Couture has set a precedent – asserting itself as the forerunner in plus size bridal fashion by introducing a brand new range of 40 uniquely tailored plus size dresses, uniquely personalized for individual taste.

According to the internationally renowned bridal designer Jana Ann, while featuring on the TLC television series Curvy Brides, “size cannot limit your dreams.”

Since founding her own boutique fashion designer, Ann has paid close attention to delivering plus size women with the largest and highest-quality choice of wedding dresses. According to her, plus size brides should not be forced to choose the second-best option because of their size, but rather they should be presented with the same variety of options as would anybody else.

Having been educated as an engineer, Ann possesses an understanding of proportion and of principles of design, affording her with deep insight into how dresses can be meticulously tailored to suit individual needs. Brides who are over Size 18, for example, tend to be provided with dresses of a smaller size than is suitable – often before all of their undergarments have been taken into account. This is merely one among many challenges which Ann seeks to overcome in designing dresses for plus size brides.

Another challenge is the general lack of variety which exists in the market for plus size brides. As a result, such women tend to have little option but to settle on a dress because it fits, rather than for its aesthetic value. When Ann leaned of this trend, she took it upon herself to provide a personalized, stylish, and varied collection of plus size wedding dresses for women who had previously been overlooked.

Jana Ann Couture

Ann believes that finding the right dress for one’s wedding is not just a fashion statement, but rather a moment of great significance. As a result, she has made it her personal mission to assist brides in bringing to life the dress which they feel is most representative of their personality.

The result has been the largest and most varied plus size wedding dress collection in the fashion industry. The dresses – and the stories of the brides who have worn them – are showcased on Instagram as well as among the countless testimonials left behind by the brides themselves.