Camera Trigger: The Single Reason Why You Aren’t Taking Great Photos Yet

Camera Trigger: The Single Reason Why You Aren’t Taking Great Photos Yet

The top photographers you follow always seem to know how to capture the right images at the right time. On various photo-sharing services you submit to, too, it’s almost like they have perfected the art of time-lapse, and you are still living in the past.

Sometimes, all you need is a camera remote trigger.

If you are still sleeping on that decision, here are a lot more things you could achieve from getting one of those today.

Pluto Trigger

Wild Life Photography

So, all those other photographers seem to be so close to their snake friends that these reptiles strike a pose for them, right? Wrong.

You can also achieve stunning wildlife photography and capture brilliant moments with a remote shutter camera by your side. All you have to do is set up your camera, wait for the right moment and trigger the camera from a distance.

Great way to get close-up shots without getting hurt, don’t you think?

High Dynamic Range pictures

To get the ideal HDR pictures, you need to take the same image at varying exposures which are then combined for the best effect. When taking this image, you also have to ensure to keep a steady hand, while the image you are taking should retain its original form too.

A camera trigger worth its salt will make these exposure changes for you automatically, and fast too. That way, you can capture the essence of the same image at greater speeds without a drop in accuracy of frames.

Sports Action

Blink, and you would have missed it!

That’s the kind of fast-paced world that sports is. Thus, getting the best spontaneous shots means always having your camera at hand and looking through the viewfinder. Oh, not to mention being ready to click the shutter at a moment’s notice.

Sounds like a lot of work?  Not when you have the camera trigger, though.

You now get to position your camera strategically and wait for just the right moment to click. Given that your eyes are now on the action, you can better anticipate when something is about to go down.

图片包含 天空, 户外


Capture Lightning

Did you know you could get the perfect shot of lightning when it’s happening? Of course, we know that it happens for about a fraction of a second, but that is really all the time you need to take an iconic shot – or a series of iconic shots.

In this case, getting a camera trigger which requires your input all the time won’t work. After all, human reflexes cannot always be trusted that much. Thus, a lightning trigger sounds so much fun.

These picks automatically detect movement (like lightning) and instantly activates to get them on record. Imagine all that beauty in one picture, and you didn’t even have to move a muscle.

Collisions/ Breaking/ Others

Have you ever seen the picture of breaking glass? Real-time collision? Other such mind-shattering (excuse the pun) moments?

There is no way the photographer would have done that all by themselves.

In these cases, the sound mode from camera triggers will activate to get the picture down for you. Worry about making the perfect breakage happen, and leave your camera trigger to do the rest.

So, which camera trigger should you get?

Pluto Camera trigger has a total of 24 different shooting modes, a built-in infrared sensor for detecting animals and capturing them in real time, multiple release modes (hold, luck, burst, timed), lightning and quick activity sensing. There is almost no rival to the Pluto Camera trigger on the market.

Reviewed by the top photography experts in the market already, you are surely getting the best bang for your buck.