Classic Gazebo Design Features That Still Work for 2020

Classic Gazebo Design Features That Still Work for 2020

More and more, home gazebos are becoming very modern. Whether homeowners use it for their private means of if they share it with others via a business of their own, there’s no end to what people can use their gazebos for. It’s really exciting when homes get to have a gazebo because it’s extra space. The sky’s the limit when it comes to transforming them, decorating them, and using them. As long as what you do is legal and safe, there’s no problem. However, it doesn’t always have to be modern. There’s a certain charm for those homes with classic gazebos.

If you’re looking to add a classic touch to your gazebo, these are some design features you might like. They work well with any use, be it a hot tub enclosure, a home shop, your own entertainment center, and many more. And the best part is, they’re practically easy to incorporate.

Old-School Fireplace

            It’s probably hard to imagine a hot tub enclosure or an entertainment center with a classic red brick fireplace, but why not? What’s keeping you from including this old-school design feature into your gazebo? Are you afraid it will take up too much space? It’s pretty likely it won’t, considering it will only be on one side or corner of the structure. Are you worried about fire hazards? As long as you follow the right way to starting a fire and putting it off, you’re good to go. And when it’s wintertime, think about how cozy you’ll feel with a fireplace in your gazebo!

Indoor Garden

            Modern minimalist will suggest to you that a few plants here and there will do the trick. And more often they’re not, they’re right. However, if you want your home gazebo to evoke that classic spirit, try putting in a full-on garden. A mini greenhouse, if you will, that will not only brighten up your gazebo but will also freshen up the air and provide such sweet scents. Similarly to the fireplace, it only has to be in one corner of the structure, allowing you to still maximize space inside. Just make sure that your windows are big enough to provide fresh air and sunlight.

Indoor Pond

            While you’re at it, why not include a small pond? A tiny patch of water with maybe fish swimming in it to make the space that much more delightful. Although this might take up more space, the serenity you’ll feel just by looking at it will be worth it. Indoor ponds work best when you turn your gazebo into relaxing areas. Not necessarily a hot tub enclosure, per se, but maybe a delightful spa? Or your own special area where you can hold afternoon tea. Though it may seem a bit extravagant, consider an indoor pond in your gazebo for that classic yet still contemporary touch.

Small Fountain

            If you don’t want to dig a hole for your pond, a small fountain might do the trick. The great news is that there are loads of ’em in furniture stores and specialty shops. And they’re classic too! If you research images of old mansions from Europe, you’ll find that many of them had their own fountains indoors (as well as outdoors, of course). Though theirs were grand and extravagant, a small fountain can look pleasant and actually, modern. Some designs feature geometric styles or asymmetric features that harken more to modern sensibilities. If you prefer a more modern look, these are the ones to go for!

Hot Tub

            Hot tub enclosures may seem modern since they’re more or less contemporary home features, but in other cultures, such spaces already existed in ancient times. In Eastern countries, in particular, they had their own special places within their homes that were devoted specifically for a hot tub. And if you decorate yours the right way, you might be able to achieve such a classic look. Look for a hot tub that you can transform yourself. A Japanese hot tub, for instance, is made completely out of wood and is precise in shape and form. You might want to think about designing your hot tub enclosure like that!

Bamboo Water Fountain

            Now, if you’re really game in packing in the Eastern vibe, a bamboo water feature wouldn’t hurt. Similarly to plain water fountains, they won’t take up so much space. In fact, all you need is a bare wall. Unlike other features on this list that require full-on corners, you’ll only need a bare wall to install your bamboo water feature. And you might think, what makes this special? Well, once you see and hear the water trickling down from one bamboo pole to another, you’ll understand. There’s something soothing and special just experiencing the feature first-hand. And if your gazebo is to be a place of relaxation, this will certainly do!

Apothecary Corner

            No more space in your house for medicine, food ingredients, and the like? Why not install an apothecary corner in your home gazebo. It’s as simple as mounting small wooden cabinets in one corner and storing everything inside. They’re also exceptionally classic; you’ll feel as if you’re in the Middle Ages when you get something from it. Though you might need a bit more work when installing them, you’ll find that in the end, they will be worth it. Not only will it store extra but important items, it will also add a lot more character to your space.

Front Porch

            A front porch is so classic you might forget to actually install it. It’s easy to think that any home structure will automatically have one. But for those who want more modern-looking spaces, front porches are unfortunately too passe for them. They’re quintessentially old-school and familiar. But also, they still work for 2020. And who doesn’t want a front porch? Who wouldn’t want that extra space to welcome guests or simply relax with your loved ones? In fact, some might argue the world could still use more front porches in their homes! There’s simply nothing quite like it!

            These design features may be classic, but that’s what will help make your home gazebo stand out even in 2020. Try them out and see just how great they can be in your own backyard space!