Cody Cornwell Listed Amongst the Top 3 Most Successful Branding Experts in the US

Cody Cornwell Listed Amongst the Top 3 Most Successful Branding Experts in the US

From being a pipe welder to becoming one of the top three most successful branding experts in the USA, Cody Cornwell has charted a successful path and carved a niche in the competitive field of brand management. A self-taught entrepreneur at the young age of 24, Cornwell has scaled great heights in his career as a professional who mentors brands to reach their true earning potential.

Rising from humble origins, Cornwell spent his formative years growing up in the small town of Findlay in Ohio. In pursuit of a better life, he skipped college and, at age 19, moved to Great Falls, Montana, to work as a pipe welder in an oil refinery. One day while recovering from an illness acquired on the job, he realized that to attain financial freedom, abundance, and independence, he had to take charge of his life and achieve the lifestyle of his dreams.

But not knowing which direction to turn to, he started reading, taking online classes in psychology. This gave birth to the idea of creating his own source of income, which led to the subsequent launch of a full-fledged marketing agency called ‘Heavy Marketing LLC’ – Marketing and Branding on steroids.

Based in Florida, the company that started on February 28th, 2017, in partnership with his best friend Ronald Earley, aims to help brands scale up in business by extending professional consultation for marketing and sales. They handle everything from branding/business consulting to ad creation/implementation to high-ticket sales calls. Initially launched as a marketing agency, Cornwell soon realized that as the agency started driving traffic towards the brands, the clients did not have the required bandwidth or infrastructure to deal with the influx.  He then seized the opportunity by offering a 360-degree solution of adding value with an in-house ‘high-ticket closing team’ to cater to the sales requirements.

In their very first month of hitting the ground, they generated over a million dollars in sales for one of their clients. Within the first four months of operation, they witnessed a meteoric rise gaining USD 150,000 in profit. A prominent name in the industry, Heavy Marketing LLC has elevated their clients’ earning capacity via intelligent marketing and branding strategies, process implementations, and effective sales tactics that result in more than a hundred million dollars in sales. As Cornwell explains, the company needs to ensure its clients’ business runs efficiently and smoothly to handle the growth and sustain the business once they achieve the desired success and profit.

Relentless hard work, sheer grit and ambition, brilliant strategies, and practical wisdom have propelled Cody Cornwell into the USA’s top three leading brand experts. He now plans to expand his business to offer more services to his clients. Follow Cornwell on Instagram @codycornwell where he shares his knowledge and life experience and tips to help others break free from the monotony of blue-collar jobs, and build an empire of their own.