Costs of Fire Watch Guard’s Services

Costs of Fire Watch Guard’s Services

How Much Does Fire Watch Guard Cost?

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to call for help from the emergency service. Fire watch services are usually classified as emergency services, though this is not always the case.

Whether your alarm system fails or your sprinklers fail, you’ll need expert assistance to keep an eye on your facility until the problems are rectified.

So, how much does a fire watch guards cost? This post will explain how much you may anticipate paying for these services if you ever need them.

Factors Affecting Costs of a Fire Watch Guard

Professional fire watch services cost varies depending on a number of things, including where the company hires the fire watch guard from, the guards’ expertise and if they are armed or unarmed Guards protecting a facility with a faulty alarm system is normally not required to be armed in this situation. Armed guards are somewhat more expensive than unarmed guards. An unarmed guard will cost you between $12 and $20 per hour on average.

The higher the hourly pay, the more experienced or further trained and qualified the guard is. You might also expect to spend extra if the services you seek are time-sensitive. The good news is that competent guards are available at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, an emergency call to summon fire watch personnel in the middle of the night will be expensive. But it’s necessary.

Did you know that failing to hire adequate fire watch guards in the event of a malfunctioning alarm system may result in fines of hundreds of dollars and perhaps the closure of your building and operations? If you’re a property owner or manager and your building’s fire alarm system or water-based protection system isn’t operating, state law requires you to set up a fire watch.

Rather than risk paying additional costs and the chance of your property being completely shut down, you should contact a professional firm that provides security services straight soon. It is essential for the protection, security, and integrity of your property.

Avoid Being In an Emergency Situation.

Taking all measures and securing the workplace from the start is the best method to avoid such scenarios. Make sure your fire alarm and sprinklers are in working condition and that you are up to code. This is the most effective strategy to limit liability and safeguard the building’s residents.

Having your fire watch guards is a lot better choice than having the fire marshal send guards around, as the latter may be considerably more expensive. In such cases, the fee exceeds $200 since the fire marshal must deploy more personnel and pay for their overtime. This is why hiring a private fire watch business is preferable since the costs are lesser and the quality is more or less the same.

Fire Watch Guards are continually on the lookout for emergencies and are prepared to respond as promptly as possible. The trained fire watch guards are ready to report for duty at any moment.