Covid Business Software Solutions: The Saviours!

Covid Business Software Solutions: The Saviours!

Reopening plans amid the Covid-19 pandemic have always been delayed and gone through numerous phases for global businesses. The things planned for October shifted to December, April, July, and God knows how much this cycle will continue further. Even the businesses that somehow got back into the office live in constant vigilance due to the risk of even a single covid-19 positive case bringing them under lockdown again.

For all the global businesses and people suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been the emergence of a newer software category, as Covid workforce safety solutions, for keeping the reopening plans on track while maintaining safer working environments.

Market growth for software amid the pandemic –

With the pandemic, there has been a revised growth expectation for the expenditures in software solutions. Statista unveiled that remote software solutions are witnessing rapid growth in their market. As of April, around 67% of the surveyed people reported an increase in the time spent in web conferencing software solutions and other covid business software solutions.

Covid Workforce Safety Solutions –

In the past few months, various covid business software solutions emerged to help the organizations cope with the adverse effects of the pandemic on their businesses. Here are a few solutions that have been of more significant help.

Business Do-It-Yourself apps:

There are plenty of quicker office productivity tools, including email, file sharing, spreadsheets, and document management apps, that are of great help for every business in the pandemic situation. The market for these covid business software solutions also rose rapidly. They are fit and enough for smaller businesses. However, They are still not sustainable solutions for the larger organizations and businesses due to the lack of sophisticated business rules and automation processes.


Wearables like the GPS trackers are the essential covid business software solutions currently available in the market as they help to track the traces of any infections and affected people in the nearby regions and up to a more significant extent helps the individuals to stay protected and at enough distance from the increasing virus infection. However, they are not perfect as they cannot be made compulsory for the larger organizations as the employees might see them as invasive measures to their privacy.

Personalized Applications:

Companies and businesses with access to enough resources can get their Covid business software developed from scratch. This is a more time-consuming task but is always more effective and preferred due to its capability to meet all the business owners’ desires and needs. This is perfect for businesses having some incredibly unique needs as they can get the custom services for the same with this approach.

Frameworks And Accelerators:

Frameworks and accelerators are developed mainly on low code platforms, and they assure the organizations and businesses with the starting ground for the safety enhancement. They require a higher development capability to get robust functions and services. This is also considered a recommendable covid business software solution to meet numerous needs.

Saas Apps:

Sophisticated SaaS apps ensure the workforce’s safety and act as a unified command centre for the Covid-19 responses and thus is a preferred choice for a covid business software solution. Companies get real-time access to tracking employees’ check-ins, monitoring incidents in various facilities, checking the employees’ workflow, managing the organization /business’s policies, and much more. A certified, legal, and compatible solution ensures higher security and privacy for the employee and their data, and their market has also witnessed rapid growth amid the pandemic situation.

Top covid business software solutions for various categories –

Apart from the new and innovative solutions, various existing software solutions have also experienced a surge in their market. Here is a list of top solutions for various needs currently prevailing across the world.

  1. Zoom – A free tool for video conferences.

  2. Google – It offers a free and premium version for various workplaces to video chat and supports businesses and schools to work amid the pandemic remotely.

  3. Southee – This is a free supplier sourcing service for organizations, industries, and businesses needing Covid supplies.
  1. Dropbox – Free and subscription-based services to the businesses focusing on fighting Covid-19. Organizations working to stop the virus spread or providing relief can apply for its services.

  2. Mailchimp – It offers free and standard accounts to eligible groups who aim to send essential public health details and information about Covid-19.

  3. SurveyMonkey – Itoffers free templates of questionnaires that the survey and research experts created to gather data and feedback from people affected by the virus and pandemic.

  4. Cisco – It offers a free license for the newer customers of the 2-factor authentication tool. The current users have access to going above the user limit as the work from home employees increases. Cisco is also extending services for Webex’s existing customers, including unlimited usage with no-time restriction and support for less than 100 participants and toll-free dial-ins.

  5. Autodesk – It is offering free access to some of its products and services for commercial uses.

  6. – It is offering a free 90-day subscription to the new users affected by the virus. This is a cloud-based service that helps smaller and mid-sized businesses automate bill processing, generate invoices, send and receive payments, and manage the cash flow.

  7. LinkedIn – The Company is offering 16 learning courses for free to provide tips on staying productive, building relationships when staying remotely and not facing each other, using virtual meeting apps, and ensuring higher health safety and security.

  8. Coursera – It is collaborating with various universities and educational institutes to offer students free learning courses for a fixed period to avoid education from getting hampered amid the pandemic.

  9. DataChamp – It is also offering more than 325 courses with free access for its classroom feature.

  10. Headspace – The app offers free meditations that people can listen to anytime and get support for their mental health.

  11. Calm – Calm offers various free resources to help people take care of their mental health while staying grounded. It also includes hand-picked support and features for mental and emotional wellbeing amid the pandemic.

Conclusion –

The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected various people, businesses, and organizations. Still, the field witnessing some surge in its market and seems to have a negligible negative impact is on the software applications. covid business software solutions are thriving for various categories to serve various users’ needs and provide them an effective solution for various remote purposes.