Cyberattacks Have Been Doubled In Over the Last 6 Months Against Industrial Targets


Cyberattacks and malware are not something which you can call new. But have you heard that almost 12,000 workstations are going to be damaged due to that issue? Well, cyberattacks and malware system are always there to cause problems, and these days the risk have been doubled over six months. More than 50% of organizations are now facing this risk as per the researchers say.

That day, IBM’s X-Force IRIS incident talked about cyberattacks, and they noticed a destructive amount of cyberattacks within this small amount of time. The malicious codes like Industroyer, NotPetya, or Stuxnet, etc. are there for causing damages only. And these codes are not purely intended to create data theft. Worst of all, these codes can cause locking your system, crashing your computer or making it inoperable and that sometimes even delete your files without your knowledge.

As history says, nation-state actors mainly used these malware, Stuxnet, Shamoon, and Dark Seoul. But since late 2018, cybercriminals are relying on LockerGoga and MegaCortex type of malware. Also, IBM informed us that during the first half of this year, 2019, the use of malware had been doubled than what people have seen during the second half of 2018.

Cyber attacks

The main target of this malware are manufacturing entities, and among them, 50 or victims became the industrial companies. Moreover, the majority of cases of this type of cyber attacks have been taking place in some parts of Europe, the USA, and also the middle east. The most common initial infection that people came across is phishing emails along with the stealing of credentials that you need to access the internal network. Moreover, some hackers wouldn’t mind lurking incorporate systems for months after months. And then they attack maliciously and harms havoc at the moment they gain their entry.

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