Cybersecurity experts reporting about the US not indulging in proper security measures


Disinformation specialists across many countries have started campaigns, targeting US voters ahead of the elections to be held in 2020. Many cybersecurity experts reported to The Washington Post mentioning the negligence that the US is initiating towards social media platforms and other such systems that influence the foreign systems.

Researchers told the post that the US elections to be held in 2020 will be influenced by operations in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the UAE, and China. Experts do not have clarity about the operations being run by the government or the actors. The experts have been seeing different media’s being used to campaign.

The experts believe that social media platforms act as a risk factor for the United States information space. They insist to control the information flow to prevent it from becoming a big problem in the future.

FireEye researchers together with some other cybersecurity firms have reported Iranian-based disinformation n different social media platforms. For instance, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other famous platforms.

The cybersecurity firms have taken the initiative to protect the information flow for the upcoming US elections that are scheduled to take place in 2020.

According to the reports, the Iranian operations indicated that Russians were not the only ones getting indulged in information operation, there were other countries too, Camille Francois told the reporters.

The cybersecurity back then deleted many Iranian-based accounts which were posting information n context to the US elections. These were fake accounts and therefore, actions were to be taken immediately as it could affect the election campaigns.

In the recent reports, it was revealed that Moscow began to target the US election system in 2014. Along with this, the reports stated that Russian’s attack continued in 2017.

Measures are being taken to prevent hindrance in the US elections 2020.