Dare To Be Independent With a Cheap Mobility Scooter

Dare To Be Independent With a Cheap Mobility Scooter

Do you struggle to walk long distances? Are you dependent on someone running your errands for you? Do you sometimes feel like a burden to your loved ones?

Well, with these cheap mobility scooters, you can gain back your independence. These electric powered scooters aren’t only affordable, but stylish, too. The designs are user-friendly with easily adjustable seats and hand levers.

If you’re in the market to buy one, ensure that you’re able to maneuver it safely in any public area. Yes, you can drive it both indoors and outdoors.

Various Mobility Scooters For You To Choose From

Portable or Travel Mobility Scooters

  • Compact, easy to disassemble and fold
  • Just enough padding on the seats

Three-wheel mobility scooters

  • More comfortable to maneuver than four-wheel scooters
  • Tighter turning radius
  • Ideal for indoor use.

Four-wheel mobility scooters

  • More stable than three-wheel scooters
  • Maneuver well over rough terrain
  • Have a larger turning radius
  • Suitable for travelling outdoors

But how do you choose a suitable model ensuring you’ll enjoy all the benefits it offers?

Choose A Mobility Scooter Suitable For You

Before purchasing anything valuable in life, you have to do proper research first. Pay attention to everything mentioned below, and consider this information as essential.

Your Lifestyle and Needs

Ask a medical professional to check your health and determine whether you’re in shape drive a mobility scooter. You have to be able to get in and out of the chair, handle the lever, turn your neck, have good eyesight and hearing. Make sure that you don’t get blackouts and that your knees and hips are in good condition.

It would be best if you didn’t put yourself at risk or other lives in danger.

Space and Size

The chairs are heavier and larger than their manual counterparts. You need enough space in your car, and you need to be strong enough to lift it by yourself. It is vital to assess your home’s architecture to see whether the mobility scooter will fit through doors and hallways. You should have a proper parking space or storage for it when it’s not in use.

Battery Life

The average charged battery life is around 8 hours and can cover almost 30km. Your weight, terrain and battery’s age will determine the distance range you’ll cover.

A well-maintained battery can last up to 2 years. It’s best to unplug the battery when you aren’t using it. Purchase an extra battery and keep it fully charged to be prepared for potential emergencies.

Budget and Cost

Consider your budget against the price and find a cost-effective option. If you’ve got insurance that covers mobility, you may qualify for assistance, so check your policy’s conditions. Seek advice from a professional.

You can always consider an excellent second-hand model or a demo chair to test before you make the final purchase.


Mobility scooters have various wheel options to suit different locations. The wheels determine the speed, manoeuvrability and stability for uneven surfaces. A front-wheel-drive is well-suited to rough terrains but might be slower than a chair with the driving wheels at the back. A chair with driving wheels in the middle will be the most comfortable to handle.

Other General Factors to Consider

  • your height and weight
  • legroom needed
  • the area you live in: hills; footpaths
  • adjustable suspension
  • reversible controls for left – or right-handed users
  • accessories/extras: carriers bags, canopies/shading for rain/sun, cup/stick storage units, visibility markers, seat/scooter covers
  • guarantees, loss or damage, maintaining and servicing of your scooter


Even though you can afford a mobility scooter, you shouldn’t rush into the purchase. Do your research thoroughly and know your needs. Ensure that you make an informed decision to get value for your money. It would help if you genuinely benefit from what a scooter can offer you.

Dare to enjoy your independence again. Keep the battery charged and hit the road when needed. Be safe.