DevOps Culture: All About Collaboration

DevOps Culture: All About Collaboration

When discussing DevOps as a culture, one should consider mutual efforts. Businesses should have well-aligned processes, goals and vision in order to be profitable and effective.

In a nutshell, DevOps culture is all about collaboration. Everything flows when there’s no barrier or tensions between teams and individuals. Everyone, from IT to developers and product owners must work together to deliver better quality at an acceptable pace.

DevOps Teamwork

Development was mostly focused on innovating new features without quality, while Operations’ key focus was stability. When combined, DevOps are small, tightly interwoven groups with multi-disciplinary aspects and tasks that work on a multitude of apps. These groups can work independently and become accountable in how they offer the whole customer experience. When DevOps adapts a product-first mindset, the real user’s needs are met. Customers are really the ones you should think about when designing software, and devops will serve as the guide to take you there.

Feedback Loop

One great thing about devops is that you can put your ideas out there and knowing that it’s okay if they fail. It may seem counter-intuitive, but bad ideas are part of the process of getting better products. The longer a team or individual work on an idea, the more they fall in love with it and want to keep it. This is why the waterfall model for software development is flawed- failure is necessary so you can save time and money in the end. With DevOps, you can get on a feedback loop for unit tests, monitoring, code reviews and more to help the team learn about change.

Continuous Learning

The culture of devops emphasize competency than roles. It encourages non-stop learning and improvement no matter the project phase. Just like today’s constantly-changing elements, so should teams adapt this kind of mindset if they want to ultimately succeed. When you come upon a groundbreaking concept, make sure to collaborate with colleagues and let it grow.