Entrepreneur Jeffrey Santulan reveals that Argonaut MG is in talks with Netflix over a USD 100M distribution deal

Jeffrey Santulan

The COVID crisis has brought a new lease of life to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, and Disney. With 167 million subscribers on Netflix alone, it’s no wonder that they continue to mine for content, at a time when most businesses are still navigating ways to earn revenue. Film production company Argonaut MG (run by entrepreneur Jeffrey Santulan) has added to Netflix’s vast portfolio. Sources claim the company has recently closed a USD 100M+ film deal with the streaming giant and will produce 12 films over the next three years.

“We are in talks with Netflix for a multiple film deal,” said Jeffrey Santulan, the co-founder of Argonaut MG, as he neither confirmed nor denied it. Santulan, who also co-founded investment firm, SGM Intl, holds investments in personal finance company SoFi, Space X, Tesla, and Square.

Santulan came to movies with a keen passion for entertainment, alongside his interests in tech and finance. As a child, Santulan may have hated math, but he quickly caught on to his skill with numbers, a knack which translated into many wise investment decisions. These investments include an exhaustive art collection and vintage cars.

Santulan currently steers Argonaut alongside partner Cole Carter, an avid film producer. Carter, a self-made millionaire, talked about the importance of a Netflix deal, in establishing a filmmaker in today’s post-COVID world. “Streaming platforms allow so many people to see your film, allowing it to go viral. A movie on Netflix today can boost a filmmaker’s chances for popularity at a more expansive level than a theater release”, said Carter.

With a considerable budget and content freedom, Netflix offers a no-holds-barred playing field for most filmmakers. They have already hosted expensive series like The Crown, Bright, Six Underground, The Irishman, Sense8, and House of Cards. Argonaut’s deal will result in substantial gains for the production house, elevating it to the big league.