Erectile Dysfunction – Is there a solution for it?


Problems with erection or erectile dysfunction (ED) is common problems at men population between.

It is estimated that over 10% of men between 18-65 years have erectile dysfunction.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is a repeated inability to form and sustain erection.

There is a difference between rare display of inability to form an erection due to the current phisycal or mental state and between repeated inability to form and sustain an erection due to the unknown reason.

What is the reason we have problems with erection or ED?

Erectile dysfunction is always a consequence and not the problem itself. It means that if you have a diagnose for ED that there is a high percentage possibilty that the erectile dysfunction you are facing is most probably just a side effect of some other health issue (physical or mental).

Possible reasons you are experiencing problems with erection are due to the mental issues. Don’t jump to fast to a conclusion that the person who has mental issues is unstable or insane. Almost every single person in the world has some smaller or bigger mental issue. There is a long list of possible mental issues (lack of self confidence, fear of rejection, bad intimate experience with current or ex partner, rape, domestic problems,…) so it is very common that the reason why you are having ED or any other problem with intimacy is a consequence of your mental issue.

But that is not always the case. ED or premature ejaculation or any other health problem can also be a consequence of some other medical problem (heart problem, cardio-vascular problem, cancer,…) that is known or is even unknown to you. It is really important that you do not jump to conclusion by yourself and judge on your own about the cause of your ED problems. We strongly advise you to visit your doctor and let the research and decision be done by the proffesionals. The same is even if its a mental issue behind your ED problem, don’t try to solve your problem on your own, surround yourself with those who has the knowledge, love and support that they can give you. Talk with yourself with pure honesty and optimism, talk with your partner, close family and your doctor in order to solve the problem.

You will feel that you are not alone and you will have the optimism needed to solve this or any other problem.

How is Erectile dysfunction treated and is it possible to solve the problem?

It is possible to solve the problems with erectile dysfunction and get rid of the problem forever. It is treated differently, depends on what the original cause is. It is possible to solve it with psychologist, your private doctor even by yourself or with your partner. If your case is some mental issue from the past, than it is possible to solve it even by yourself but if it is not possible than surely it can be solved with the professional help of psychologist or mental therapist.

In cases where erectile dysfunction is a consequence of some other medical issue than in this case the original health issue must be treated and once this is solved, than erectile dysfunction will probably be solved also.

Erectile dysfunction problems or problems with erection can also be solved with supplements. There are many supplements on the market for treating problems with erection (Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil, Kamagra, Vardenafil and many others).

Which supplement is the most appropriate to treat ED?

It really depends on what is the most important aspect to an individual. Is it maximum strong erection, is it the safety of the supplement, side effects of it or something else. Most famous treatment for ED is Viagra and for many years it has been the most efficient treatment out there. Currently, it is Kamagra, mostly because it is much safer and has much less side effects. There is no known death case because of usage of Kamagra products and it is a huge advantage towards other products on the market. Kamagra products are also much cheaper and are available without perscription.

Which products would you suggest?

Currently most popular and definately most selling product in the world is Kamagra Oral Jelly. It is said that it is modern and improved version of Viagra. There is also Kamagra Super, which is most efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. It is the only treatment that contains Dapoxetin, which is a medically proven ingredient that enables men to prolong their ejaculation and prevent premature ejaculation. It is also the only treatment in the world that efficiently solves both of the problems at the same time (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation).

It is strongly advised that before using any kind of the treatment you visit your doctor and consent with him regarding the next steps of treating your health issue. There are many fake treatments with similar packaging, but the ingredients are not known and health approved, so be careful and make a research before you decide to use supplements.

Before any usage of supplements read the instructions and follow the instructions of your doctor. In order to be healthy and have great results with treating this health issues you have to follow the instructions of a professionals who have spent their life learning about this subject, instead of doing something on your own or listen to the people that are not professionals with the erectile dysfunction problems.

What would be your final thought or advice for all those who did encounter any problems in bedroom?

First of all I would suggest everyone not to panic, panic doesn’t help you at anything. If you have encountered problems with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction than first thing you have to do is to accept it, be positive and talk with yourself and your partner.

Don’t hold it to yourself, you will feel much better when you speak with your partner about it and there is a possibility that you two will even be able to solve the problems by yourselves. If you can’t solve it, visit the doctor and than cooperate with your doctor.

Ofcourse you can also use supplements, but do it under the doctors supervision and follow the instruction of the manufacturer.

Your problem is solvable, so there is no reason for fear or anxiety. You will come out of this stronger and you will realize that you have to take care of your health, your body and it will lead you to even better intimacy.