Essential Things for Your Corporate Explainer Video

Essential Things for Your Corporate Explainer Video

90 second videos are one of the most effective communication channels today. It is believed that one picture replaces a thousand words, which is directly related to the process of our evolution. Interestingly, people remember 20% of what they hear, 40% of what they see, and 70% of what they see and hear at the same time. That is, in fact, one good film can replace an entire library of corporate documents. And for a large company, this format is simultaneously becoming an optimization tool. One training video can be shown in all corners of Russia or the world, observing a single training standard in all branches.

In order for a corporate explainer video to perform tasks and effectively influence the target audience, it must be created considering several important rules, which we will discuss. There are even specialized explainer video app.

Video should meet the goals

First of all, it is important to understand why you are filming a video:

• HR or PR video;

• Greetings from the employee;

• History of the company;

• Promo of a product or company;

• Video about strategy and immediate goals.

It is from the tasks that you face that the methods of implementation, installation mechanics and other technical details follow. Some questions will disappear by themselves if you use a professional app explainer video maker, but this concerns not the creative, but the technical part.

Be understandable to the viewer

Want to find an app explainer video reference? In fact, the technical side of the issue shouldn’t come first. Finding a hero close to the audience, choosing understandable images and metaphors, choosing realistic numbers and comparisons that are understandable to your viewer – that’s what is really important.

Engage emotionally

Telling a story using dramatic techniques, finding good actors, doing post-production – this is important to consider when creating a video for a company. After all, if you think about it, even facts can sound emotional. For example, you can say: “The total length of human blood vessels is one hundred thousand kilometers.” Or you can: “The total length of human blood vessels is equal to two and a half equators of the Earth.”

Benefit both the company and the employee

If a video contains valuable information, is entertaining and moderately provocative, then it will definitely be useful. You can build a story around a familiar work situation or specific business information related to the core principles of the company.

Be visually modern

According to recent research, the average lifespan of a corporate video is only two years. The fact is that there is a general trend in the world – an increase in the rate of information consumption, due to which the format and principles of editing are changing, new shooting technologies and graphics appear. All old videos are best re-shot as they don’t work. If this is an important tool for you, it needs to be “on the wave”, to attract attention and work, delivering a message.

Timeline Correctly

Today, time is more valuable than ever. Timekeeping is important! Delicacy and respect for the time of employees will evoke a response from them in the form of respect for the time of the company and its leadership. Research shows that the optimal timing for commercials is 10-30 seconds, for promo videos 60-90 seconds enough, for training videos 3-5 minutes. If there is too much information, I recommend breaking it down into blocks and leaving in a series: for example, a series of promo videos, a series of training videos, etc.

Originality is the height of perfection

Now we are talking about the fact that your corporate video should be yours, carrying the spirit of your company, catchy, with a twist. After all, the business task of any company is to stand out in the general flow and stay in the perception.


Of course, the most important thing in a high-quality video implementation is a reliable partner, that is, a service provider. And this should be given special attention. After all, it is important that your tasks are correctly understood and made into a production that realizes all the goals in each content element by 110%.