Expected (and Unexpected) Ways eCommerce SEO Services Can Benefit Your Online Store

Expected (and Unexpected) Ways eCommerce SEO Services Can Benefit Your Online Store

Digital marketing is composed of several different facets and strategies, among them being email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid search marketing, often referred to as PPC. The latter is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies in the current eCommerce landscape, and alongside eCommerce SEO services, constitutes much of the digital marketing efforts of most online businesses.

However, eCommerce SEO, unlike PPC, consists of a somewhat decentralized process of optimizing many different aspects of a website’s overall online presence with the goal of increasing domain authority and organic rankings for a cohort of specific target keywords to bring in higher organic traffic. PPC, by contrast, consists of ads that are placed according to a bid strategy for those keywords. In essence, PPC is bought whereas eCommerce SEO is earned.

While the results of even the most successful eCommerce SEO campaign will vary, they bring with them a variety of significant benefits, many of them expected, and others which will come as a pleasant surprise to most eCommerce businesses.

The Expected

1. Your organic rankings for target keywords will increase over time, as will your domain authority.

The chief advantage of working with an eCommerce SEO company that provides holistic services is that your rankings for target keywords will slowly increase over time. An SEO provider will optimize aspects of your technical SEO, along with on-page optimization, eliminating duplicate content and preventing keywords stuffing. An eCommerce SEO services provider will also develop a link strategy; all of these initiatives will slowly boost your organic rankings over time, bringing in more organic traffic.

2. An experienced eCommerce SEO services provider can help boost your rankings in local markets.

Depending on the goals of your specific eCommerce SEO services, an SEO company can even help your eCommerce business rank more effectively in local markets, which can provide a huge benefit for your business. This is especially true if your business relies on local traffic to sustain sales – a dedicated local SEO campaign can help your business bring in more local traffic.

3. eCommerce SEO will help spread brand awareness

Search engine optimization is not simply a tactic for generating new traffic. It is also a highly effective strategy for spreading brand awareness – not every incident of brand exposure will result in a conversion right away, but the more potential leads are aware of your business, the better your chances are of building clout in the long run.

4. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective measures for competing with other players in your market.

Whereas paid search advertising is associated with higher, ongoing costs, eCommerce SEO is a highly effective strategy whose effects build over time. While eCommerce SEO can be expensive up front, over time, the results will build in a much more cost-effective manner.

The Unexpected

1. Your online store will likely be faster

One of the technical aspects of most eCommerce sites that often needs addressing is site speed. A team of highly experienced eCommerce SEO experts will often enhance your site speed, positively impacting both SEO and UX – see below!

2. Your overall user experience will benefit significantly from eCommerce SEO services

Many of the ranking signals that impact SEO, like on-site content on your product, category and blog pages, site speed, and security, all drastically impact UX. When your website is optimized for SEO, it often benefits significantly in terms of UX as well.

3. eCommerce SEO services can help you scale with costs associated with PPC and other paid advertising

The more an eCommerce website leans on organic rankings to bring in new traffic, the less it will have to lean on paid search strategies to bring in leads. Consequently, eCommerce SEO services can help your organization become less dependent on PPC.

4. Ongoing SEO analysis will help you keep ahead of potential issues with your website

Continuous keyword research and ongoing audits will reliably uncover additional opportunities for optimization that will both increase your domain authority and positively impact your user experience. It will help your business develop a proactive strategy instead of a reactive structure to professional issues.

5. Search engine optimization will result in a steady supply of fresh content for your website that will engage your target audience and build trust with them

Finally, what you may not have expected is that an eCommerce SEO strategy will result in a flow of fresh, optimizing content to your website that will engage and interest your customers while it also boosts your organic keyword rankings. This improves and promotes the value of your brand and creates a better UX as well.

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