Export China Policy: How to Export Beef to China

Export China Policy: How to Export Beef to China

Several foreign businesses look forward to exporting meat to China, as the meat products and by-products are in high demand amongst China meat buyers. As an example, research shows that meat exports to China increased by ten times since 2017. Still, exporting meat to China is not a simple task, as several export meat policies are in place and have strict requirements. Thus, it is essential to study and discover all the specifications of the export China policy so that you can prevent costly and time-consuming errors. Let’s see up next how to export beef to China in a secure way.

What meat is imported in China?

China meat buyers usually seek for the same meat and meat by-products from all foreign exporters. Local demand focuses much on a wide array of meat types. Chinese are big consumers of pork and beef, which is why beef is considered to be one of the most frequent meat exports to China.

Beef is indeed more expensive than pork, but still, we can clearly see a high demand for beef and beef by-products. China meat buyers usually look for the best distributors for pork and beef, which is why such meat exporters have the most success when it comes to exporting meat to China.

What procedures do you need to follow when preparing beef for China export?

There are several steps you need to take so that you can prove you are a reliable distributor for meat export to China market. Several obligations and regulations need to be followed, while a bundle of paperwork needs to be filled prior to exporting meat to China

#1 you need to get confirmation that China permits imports of your specific range of beef

First of all, you will have to reach your country’s export regulations committee to request an official confirmation for the beef that you want to export. This document needs to be concise, and explain for the Chinese government all the details related to your beef, such as country manufacture details, or manner in which the animal was raised or fed.

#2 you need to achieve an import and export license for Chinese customs

After getting the local official recommendation from your beef, you will need to gather several official documents. These include applying for AQSIQ, registering with the filing management system, registering at SAIC, registering at the Chinese customs, and getting an import and export license for your business. 

#3 you need to test your beef thoroughly, and beef by-products meant for export to China

Before exporting meat to China, you need to undergo some local tests to confirm to the Chinese government that your beef is compliant with the export China policy. Keep in mind that at the same time, you will be required to undergo beef testing in a Chinese laboratory due to security reasons. 

#4 you need to follow the labeling regulations for beef export to China market strictly

To be allowed to export meat to China, you will have to use the recommended labeling requirements. In this way, when Chinese customs will check your shipment, it will be easier to identify the beef products. Also, keep in mind that random testing can be done at customs, to establish whether or not your beef is complaint with the export China policy.

Is there any way to receive help for exporting beef to China?

Because the process of exporting meat to China can be quite complicated, it is always best to opt for professional services to guide you through the process. We recommend Food2China, as they offer overseas suppliers with in-depth information about the Chinese market. Also, you can get access to specific data about beef consumption and beef requirements in distinct countries.