Eye-opening facts about the poker world

Eye-opening facts about the poker world

Do you know that the long-lasting poker game was the birdcage from Arizona that was played more than 2304 hours without any single day off? This period was started in 1881 and lasted until 1889 and has given the peak to the poker world. The US has the most number of poker players; almost 10 out of 100 people are in love with playing poker. The Russian online poker players have more records in earning from poker as compared to any other country. 

But why are people so mad at playing games like judi online? What do they get after spending hours on these games? We have researched and found more interesting facts about the poker world. Let’s discuss in detail. 

Gender Ratio

Although women are making progress in every department of life, this is the only sector where women are not interested at all. I mean the ratio of the men and women in the poker industry is almost zero. There is only a one-woman player against ten men players. The competition of gender is very low, which means women can easily penetrate and earn a good income. 

Average Earnings

There is no limit to earning from online poker games. It depends upon the player’s skills, and the sky’s the limit. Determination and consistency is the key to success. Most poker players have earned more than $55 million in their poker career. Try your luck; you never know what best is waiting for you!

Biggest poker tournament

Hold on your seats, because the number I’m going to show is going to give you a spark. The biggest poker tournament was held in Triton where the topper has earned around $20.5 Million in a single tournament. That player was Bryan who took all this money to his account. And these numbers are just from one tournament that was held in a tiny part of the world. You have no idea how many tournaments are organized daily. 

Legal values

In most of the countries, playing poker online is legal. If you’re a permanent resident of the US and living in the four states which are New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware: you’re free to bet any of the poker games and will not be charged by any law. There is a huge difference between gambling and playing agen poker online. 

Historical Aspects

The first online poker game had not the exact name as the poker, in the early 90s: the IRC card games were considered to be ancestors of online poker games. However, in the year of 1998, the first online poker game was invented and played across the world. Until now, it’s played by 2 billion people from more than 200 countries every day. The numbers are still ticking and expected to rise at 2.5 billion until 2025.