Factors to consider when choosing house property

Factors to consider when choosing house property

Have you found your perfect home yet? It is a dream come true to many when they finally settle in a house whose documents are in their names. It brings more joy to learn that you have land, a valuable property in terms of location and amenity services. In fact, it saves a lot of money in the long run because renting or hiring a property is quite expensive.

With so many properties and homes sprouting every year, you have to make the best decision when choosing a good house. Institutions that give home loans for veterans also come into play in making sure that dreams are achievable. However, you need to consider the following factors before choosing a house property:

  • Location

The first thing a buyer looks at is the location of the house. You will need a location that has access to the area that you frequent the most. For instance, a working-class home buyer will need a house located in proximity to the area of work.  The home should also have easy access to the main roads, not prone to traffic jams.

While some people may prefer homes near the town, others will go for a clean, serene environment on the outskirts. Most home properties, especially own-gated, are located in the suburbs. However, it is essential to note that house properties located near towns may cost higher than the ones on the outskirts.

  • Affordability

Wishing for something is one thing, but living up to what it costs to have it is another. When selecting a home, it is good that you go for something affordable, especially when you are acquiring it under a mortgage. That will help as there will be no straining when it comes to servicing the loan.

Amongst the benefits of going for an affordable home is that you will have disposable money left to lead a normal lifestyle. Moving into a new home is also quite expensive, especially when you have to buy new appliances and pay for services rendered by management. An affordable home will leave you with adequate cash to take care of other things too.

  • Public transport

It is not daily that you may need your car to work. In emergencies like that, say in the case of car breakdown, you may need public transport or commuter service. Get a home that has access to affordable public transportation. This will also save money and time for visitors who may use public transport.

Access to public transport may also come in handy when a family has a single car, and the children have to catch a bus to school. Not only will this be an alternative option for other family members, but it may also come in handy when you want to save ion gasoline too.

  • Social amenities

Getting a proxy to social amenities is key. This may include schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities. It will be safer for your children to go to schools in the neighborhood where they can walk to school. Far schools are expensive in the long run in terms of daily transport.

There are homes, especially in gated communities that have these amenities inside the compound. Such homes with hospitals or medical facilities come in handy as you will have a medical team responding in time when you are in need; say deep in the night.

  • Security

There is no essence in spending much money to acquire a dream home, only to settle for less, in terms of security. The bigger the house, the more likely you will have more valuables such as house equipment and electronics. Homes located far in the outskirt may be prone to robbery attacks because a security response team will likely take longer to arrive.

You may also need to check on houses that have alarm systems installed so that you can alert a nearby security team in case of a burglary attempt.

  • Parking space

If you are a family of cars, then the most important thing to consider is the security of the vehicles, and that includes getting a secure parking space within the home. You will consider not only the security of the parking but also space too.

When on this, you may also need to have in mind the visitors who will come with cars. A right home or house should come with both garage and outdoor parking spaces. It would be best if you went for a parking space that can hold up to five cars.

  • Property management

In any case, you have landed a gated community house; there will be a high likelihood that the place will be under the management of an agency. It is important that you get to know the kind of management that your property may be under. This will include scrutinizing the services that they offer and the fee accompaniment for the same.

If you are getting a private property that is big enough, then it may be necessary to hire property managers who will ensure the smooth running of the house.

  • Size of the house

The size of the house will include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the kitchen layout. Though this is more of a personal decision to make, it is important that you go for a house that accommodates the whole of your family comfortably. We recommend that you check on a home that as an extra guest room too, so that visitors don’t get stranded when they come visiting.

  • Future development plans

It is essential that you take note of any developmental plans that nearby developers may have in the coming future. It will not only help you chose the right property but also avoid any confrontations with authorities, say the building is brought up in an encroached land.

This includes checking whether the property has encroached road reserves or any other property that is not included in the land title.

  • Age of the house

The importance of moving into a brand new home should not be underrated, especially when you may have plans of using the house as security against a loan. Older houses tend to attract less collateral compared to newer homes.

You will need to put in a lot of effort and time when it comes to looking for your dream home. Choosing something that you will never come to regret does not come easy, and we hope the above tips come in handy.