Felt+Fat’s CEO, Nathaniel Mell, Talks About Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Felt+Fat’s CEO, Nathaniel Mell, Talks About Hiring Mistakes to Avoid 01

Being an owner or manager when it comes to hiring new employees can be stressful. There is an immense amount of pressure that comes with filling a position, including culture fit, market job competition, hiring the right person, matching what a company can give with a new hire’s needs, and much more. Oftentimes, hiring managers or business leaders might think they have all their boxes checked with an individual who can adequately fill the position, only to find that the person they hired is, in fact, a terrible fit after day one.  

Nathaniel Mell, Felt+Fat CEO, Mell understands the difficulties that come with hiring from personal experience. At his ceramic design and manufacturing studio, he produces over 30,000 pieces annually, and with a brand name to uphold, he has little room for mistakes. Mell highlights seven hiring mistakes to avoid, saving a hiring manager or company owner time, money, and a headache.  

1. Avoiding Technology

There are plenty of companies that still try and resist technology. Some companies have found success decades ago and refuse to change their ways. Such an attitude can make a hiring process much more complicated as technology integrates more into everyone’s life. 

2. Not Doing The Homework

It is crucial to check references to ensure that a new hire is the right fit for the position. Too often, companies have been swooned during the interview process by an individual only to find that they have a terrible work ethic, which a past employer would most likely be happy to relay that kind of information to a hiring manager. 

3. Moving the Process Too Fast

With all the pressure that comes with finding a new hire, it is easy to feel the need to rush the process. However, a manager will save more money and time in the long run by slowing things down and not hiring the first person to apply. Hiring the wrong person can waste time and funds and only elongate the process, whether it be now or later. 

4. Creating Indecisiveness

When it comes to choosing, having too many options can often create indecisiveness. When buying a house, too many choices can generate confusion, overthinking, and even lead to the wrong decision. A hiring process can work in the same way, so managers should keep final interviews down to a minimum. 

5. Not Expanding the Application Pool 

For companies who keep throwing their net in the water and catching the same fish, it is time to try a new lake. The person in charge of posting a job should try different types of online platforms and methods rather than sticking to the same way every time. 

6. Not Giving Enough Description on a Job Post

Sometimes a flood of applicants will come through for a new job, but none of them quite fit the position. That usually means that the job post description lacks details or clarity on expectations and what skill sets or culture fit a company is seeking. 

7. Discrediting a Phone Interview

A pre-screening ten-minute phone interview before in-person interviews can save lots of time when weeding out candidates. Hiring managers should prepare a set of questions that clearly answer whether or not that person has what it takes to fill the role appropriately.  

About Nate Mell

Nate Mell is CEO and founder of Felt+Fat, which is a ceramic-design manufacturing studio based out of the Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA. Mell got his start in 2013 after being asked to design a set of plates for what would later become award winning restaurant High Street on Market. Ever since that time, Felt+Fat and their wonderful team have achieved success after success under Mell’s leadership.