Five great reasons to outsource your company’s IT to a cloud service provider

Five great reasons to outsource your company’s IT to a cloud service provider 

Over the last thirty or so years, the world of business has been completely transformed by technology, computers, and, in particular, the internet. Since the first webpage was published by Tim Berners-Lee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, on August 6th, 1991, the web has gone on to become the world’s largest library and a technology that now shapes almost all aspects of our modern lives. From social network sites to e-commerce and online streaming, the web is now an integral part of our personal and work lives.

How cloud technology has become a game-changer for many firms

However, of all the advancements in web tech over its short history, many would argue cloud computing and the rise of companies using a remote data center to store and share data and software have proven to be the most impactful. Cloud technology is revolutionizing how firms use the web in many different ways, including:

Immediate scalability as and when required: If a firm uses cloud tech, it can immediately request an upgrade or downgrade in services from its IT provider. Whereas traditionally, changes to IT services typically meant installing extra costly hardware (plus finding someone to service it), a cloud provider can increase space or processing power at the flick of a switch, making companies truly nimble and adaptable to changing pressures.

The ability to run your IT on the latest tech: Cloud service providers typically invest heavily in running the latest hardware to provide the best, most capacious, and fastest service to their clients. In days gone by, the cost of investing in IT equipment at this level was simply too prohibitive for many firms (particularly smaller companies) that often-viewed networks as an additional, supplemental part of their operations rather than making it integral to the way they worked. This often resulted in companies facing a competitive disadvantage against larger, more IT-savvy firms.

Support 24/7/365: Unfortunately, no IT system is 100% secure against the significant online risks posed by today’s advanced hackers; however, should the worst happen and your data is compromised, your IT provider will take immediate preventative action remedy the fault. Many cloud providers can identify attacks ahead of time and plug potential security vulnerabilities before they even become an issue.  

Reduced operating costs and increased efficiency: In today’s connected world, IT has become the backbone of most companies; however, the costs associated with running private, internal networks soon mount up. From hardware to software and employing skilled IT staff, running an internal network is too expensive for many firms – again, placing them at a disadvantage in terms of how they implement tech into their operations. Working with an IT provider largely eliminates these costs with one simple to manage fee (normally charged monthly).
Data recovery: Many industry experts now suggest data is the most valuable commodity in the world. If your firm relies on data to any degree (and let’s face it, what company doesn’t these days), you should place its protection front and center in terms of your priorities. Cloud providers offer regular backup facilities of all your important data, meaning you can easily restore files if something goes wrong.