Gabito Rohh Elevates Kids Fashion to a Whole New Level

Gabito Rohh Elevates Kids Fashion to a Whole New Level

Gabito Rohh continues to push the boundaries of kids fashion and photography, all while battling with a condition known as ADHD when he was young.

Gabito is a household name in many respects. He’s done outstanding work not just in the field of photography but also in children modeling. As an accomplished photographer he has done a few editorial pieces from popular publications as well.

Gabito’s climb to the top has been a long but very rewarding road. The kids fashion photographer has created a name for himself and worked with notable brands and events such as Runaway, BeKids, Collezioni, Petit Style & Divos and Luna in Italy, Spain and Germany. He has traveled all over the world, including China, India, Turkey and Cambodia to pursue his passion of working with retail industries.

Gabito Rohh graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Marketing at a UK university. When he was a child he suffered from TDAH, but found a way to overcome it. During this time he realized that he wanted to help children reach their full potential and thus began a career centered around kids fashion and photography.

Today, Gabito has a company called Happy Kids Media and helps organize shows for young models. Some of the most noteworthy names include Petit Style Walking, IFEMA, FIMI Spain, CPM Moscow and Pitti Bimbo, among others. He also helps create catalogs, look books and organize events for children’s brands and his own.

The Caracas-born photographer is one of the great innovators in the industry and works hard every day. When he’s not organizing shows he’s spending time with his family and their beautiful dog.

Gabito Rohh has an active Instagram page, and a website where you can view his latest work and creations, His success story serves as an inspiration to all.