How 5G Changes the Game for the Mobile Gaming Industry

How 5G Changes the Game for the Mobile Gaming Industry

It’s easy to see why mobile gaming is at an all-time high. The convenience of booting up a slots game, for instance anywhere you are is a luxury that wasn’t there 20 years ago. And now with 5G things are about to be more exciting.

Here’s why 5G network is an absolute game changer in the mobile gaming industry.

Way Better Than 4G

Once properly implemented 5G will change the landscape of mobile gaming forever. To give you an idea, 5G is up to four times faster compared to 4G, and in terms of latency it’s cut in half.

This may not sound much but it opens up the way for cloud gaming on smartphones and tablets. It can even replace wifi in the way that there’s very little latency involved. You won’t need to sign up for a broadband connection just to enjoy lagless gameplay.

Realistic Casino Experience

Online casino games such as SBOBET888 for mobile is limited in terms of capacity. Live dealer games will depend on your bandwidth speed, and it’s not enough to have 10 mbps now.

5G networks offer average speeds of 50 mbps, which should be sufficient for cloud gaming and casino gaming. When this happens you won’t need to be at home to enjoy lag-free slots, card games and betting titles.

5G is the Future

5G is relatively new in age but it’s already showing promise and significant advancements compared to 4 and 3G. The upload and download speed alone should make anyone believe that they won’t need a wired connection to enjoy even the most demanding mobile games.

5G is a breakthrough technology that’s improved in almost every aspect. Its speed and connection reliability is unmatched, although adoption is yet to be done in a widespread manner. Once companies catch up then everyone can benefit from it.