How can parental control apps help you as a parent?

How can parental control apps help you as a parent?

Parenting is not a piece of cake, especially when you become a fresh parent of a newborn baby. Many changes are happening to your life as your kids grow up. Things may get pretty bad for you if you can’t afford a nanny for your newbie. One of the significant hitch for the parents is to control their time in front of different screens. According to CBS news, kids aged between 2-18 spent 7 out of 24 hours on the screens by watching cartoons or playing video games. Most of the time, they get ruined when you ask to limit their screening time up to 3 hours. They might stop talking to you to get some relief in their watch time. 

Many parents got annoyed when they found unethical activities of their children on their IPad or personal computers. After investigating, several kids were told that they saw this kind of stuff at school or in the school buses where they join their seniors. Things are pretty alarming because whenever a kid or a teen finds a new something, they have an urgency to learn more about stuff like this. In many cases, kids were engaged in unethical content by using their elder’s phones or laptops.

According to a recent survey in 2015, it found that kid gets aware of pornography at the age of eleven. As the technological revolution is expanding, this age gap has shrunk to 10 years. So what will you do to control your kids’ activities and to protect their careers from the evil things?

Effects of digital gadgets on your kids’ health

Although many scientific studies have proven that technology is a reliable tool in the upbringing of the kids. Video games like situs poker can sharpen the memory of your kids. But there are several negatives as well that are impacting your kids’ physical as well as psychological health. Let’s find out some of the common side effects of digital gadgets. 

  • It can switch the mood into depression
  • Social cutouts
  • The gradual decline in academic performances
  • No extracurricular activities
  • The decrease in sleeping time
  • Poor physical conditions
  • Unrealistic mindset
  • Weight exaggeration
  • Weak immune system
  • Loneliness

How can you overcome these problems?

You might be fed up by these problems and don’t know how to tackle them. Don’t worry; we have a perfect solution for you to overcome all of the screen related activities from your newborn babies to your naughty teens. 

It’ll only cost you around $2 per month to save your kids digital life in an effective manner. You’ll get an app that will help you to monitor your kids’ activities on different gadgets in your absence. The app barrier feature will give you full authority to block those apps that can harm your kids’ ethical values. Not only this, but you can also set a time limit on their cell phones to avoid everyday fighting on the time limit. Last but not least, there is an option to watch the contact list of your kids’. In this way, you can monitor the contacts with whom they’re in touch when you are not present in their rooms.