How do I Get a Job in the Cloud?

How do I Get a Job in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the promising fields that has come upon with the hosting of the safest technologies in the world. It can help companies save their data securely and use various services over the cloud. It is an evolving field that innovates new things and employs people from various parts of the world in their workplace or domain. Many companies have adopted cloud computing as a solution to manage the high cost of hardware, physical storage and servers, technical issues, and data backup problems arising thereof.

Cloud computing is coming up as the new career option, it works best for the business application and moves them to the cloud. It explores a range of occupations that are forecast to have strong employment prospects in the future. Its use is growing rapidly so the need for trained and certified cloud practitioners is increasing. A Cloud computing career is highly rewarding because it offers an exciting new method of developing, planning, testing, and implementing IT projects. It also involves more convenient and quicker ways to store compute resources. It can help companies to switch from traditional IT financial accounting to a new OPEX (operational expenditure) model.

So this article will tell you about top job roles in cloud computing that are in high demand, skills needed for them, and how a cloud computing course helps in getting started.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a way of delivering IT services/resources over the internet with the pay-as-you-go model. People can access technology services like computing power, databases, servers, analytics, networking, intelligence, and storage, via cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) instead of buying and maintaining physical data centers. Cloud services can lower operating costs, run the infrastructure more efficiently, and scale the business as needed. It provides the fastest and flexible services with just a few clicks. It also includes the ability to scale elastically to deliver the right amount of IT resources.

Top Job Roles In Cloud Computing

There are several job roles available in cloud computing that are related to many cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, Salesforce, etc. Some of the important job posts are mentioned below.

  • AWS Cloud Engineer- It is an IT professional who creates, maintains, and implements an AWS cloud infrastructure for running applications that involve production, test, and development environments. They build, release, and manage the configuration of all production units, and ensure required system security by using the best cloud security solutions.
  • Microsoft Azure related job roles- Microsoft Azure provides many kinds of cloud computing job roles such as Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, Azure Solution Architect, Azure Consultant, Azure DevOps Engineer, Azure Security Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, Azure AI Engineer, Azure Data engineer, etc.
  • Salesforce Cloud Job Opportunities- Salesforce is considered as a top CRM product that has helped companies increase lead conversion by as high as 32%, and sales revenue by 27%. So specialist services consulting and implementation services in this space are on the increase. Salesforce offers job roles such as Salesforce Developers, salesforce Administrator, and Salesforce Business Analysts.
  • Cloud  Developer- It is a specialized type of programmer who is responsible for the programming and development of applications and software using the prevalent programming languages over the cloud.
  • Cloud Computer Systems, Network, and Applications (CCSNA)-  The main job of cloud computing systems and network administrators is to optimize network software, maintain cloud infrastructure, and support operation.
  • Cloud Product Manager- They are responsible for performing product planning for cloud-based offerings, identifying product positioning, product concept and strategy documents, allowing sales process, etc.

Besides these roles, there are several job opportunities such as Cloud Sales Manager, Software Architect, Data Scientist, System Engineer, NET Developer, etc available to land a career in cloud computing.

Skills Needed To Become A Cloud Professional

Cloud computing is considered the most sought-after tech skill along with big data and artificial intelligence. Many companies such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc. are focusing on cloud technology and seeking skilled cloud professionals/engineers to run their business smoothly. So it is necessary for those who want to start or switch their career as a cloud profession, to update themself with some basic skills mentioned below.

  • Technical Skills- Some technical skills are a must to become a cloud engineer such as computer fundamentals, HTML, Database skills, Programming skills, Linux, Networking Skills, Cloud Service Providers, Web services and APIs, Information Security, etc.
  • Business Concepts- Cloud professionals must also know and be aware of business concepts and terminologies such as ROI, marketing strategies and business plans. Business-savvy people are needed to make cloud computing work for enterprises.
  • Data analysis- A cloud engineer should know how to handle immense data and optimally use the ERP system. It can be done with the knowledge of data analysis and it is worth learning the skill.
  • Data security- Cloud computing needs and focuses on the security of data, so organizations/employers prefer candidates who have a working knowledge and experience in network security. So it is crucial to learn data security along with data analysis to become a successful cloud professional.
  • Project Management- This is also a required skill for cloud engineers. They must have knowledge of service agreements, risk management, and integration with other processes.
  • Contract And Vendor Negotiation- Cloud professionals should be able to negotiate service-level agreements and availability. So the negotiating skill is a must learn to be able to read the fine print in vendors’ contracts.
  • Mobile App Development and Management- The use of mobile devices in the workplace is a part of the cloud phenomenon, so every cloud professional must learn the skill of mobile app management and development skills to solve the cloud issues and projects.

Cloud computing certifications and credentials can help you stay ahead and differentiate in a highly competitive market. Some cloud certifications are recognized globally that will help you to start your career as a cloud professional successfully. So start gaining skills and certifications to become a proficient cloud practitioner.