How does AI Influence the Work of Consulting Companies?

How does AI Influence the work of Consulting Companies

Today, expert consulting companies are trying to adapt to new competitive businesses. Among them the leading niche is occupied by Google, Startups and many others. This made consulting professionals create new business models.

Many consultants continue to offer their customers investments in artificial intelligence while continuing to keep pace with the progressive system. Data science consulting services will help you find out what the future holds for the consulting industry and how to build a new business model based on AI.


Who’s more important, consultants or data processing specialists?

Consulting specialists provide costly services, consultations for which they extract the necessary data from researches. Therefore, most of the funds go to the analysis of information and its presentation. Previously, a lot of companies needed such services, because data was difficult to collect, and sometimes there was none. This led to the emergence of consulting offices. For a long time they were the leaders of this field, almost one of a kind. Now everything is changing to be exactly the opposite.

You will be surprised, but thanks to modern technology, the work of a consultant can be completely automated, and machine learning can handle it. This model understands even difficult situations, finds patterns and deduces rules from the received data. This process is very difficult even for the most advanced consulting.

With the help of the Internet, it has become much easier to find out the necessary information, therefore, artificial intelligence reduces the value of consultants and the cost of their services.

Now specialists who are engaged not in consultations but in data processing are in great demand. This is what Data Science specializes in. Find out more about its work here:

Why do big tech companies need data scientists?

The AI democratization is causing consulting companies to face serious competition. The great number of tools that help large businesses create their products are driving the need for consultants out. And all thanks to various systems, including translators, speech recognition, customer service bots and much more.

In such cases, it is much more profitable to cooperate with Data Science, the domain zones of which are:

  • introduction of artificial intelligence into work process;
  • processing a large amount of information;
  • providing machine learning;
  • natural language processing;
  • data collection;
  • computer vision.

All this leads to the fact that in a world where it is quite easy to get any information using the Internet, consulting firms are fading into the background. But data scientists are still relevant, proving that AI is the future. Data Science is expanding its capabilities and range of activities, and the demand for the services the company provides is steadily growing.