How Geotargeting Can Get Your Business Right to the Top

How Geotargeting Can Get Your Business Right to the Top

Commonly also referred to as location-based marketing, geotargeting is a kind of advertising strategy whereby location data is applied to reach consumers with messaging appropriate to their geographical location and behavior patterns. This technology displays content based on the assumption of consumers’ location. For instance, a motor vehicle repair or dealership company might run a geotargeting advertising campaign to show an ad to consumers who are within 15 miles of the repair shop or dealership location.

How does geotargeting work?

Wondering how geotargeting works? First, it works by detecting the users’ location. The location is detected by using GPS or by the use of cell towers. Secondly, the software uses this information to arrive at what information they need to pass on to the consumer. Consumers are either targeted via a geotargeting app that uses location-based marketing for instance, when you sign into a drinks delivery app, you’ll find options that are close to your location. And when you search for “opticians near me” in your map apps, the results are a fantastic example of geotargeting in play. They can also be targeted via the use of geotargeting software. This begins when consumers opt-in to share their location through the apps on their cell phones.  Through geotargeting ads and content, you can increase the number of consumers reached and multiply your customer base. Geotargeting uses three main targeting tools namely:

  • Audience targeting – Audience targeting technology uses consumer behavior to target ads to consumers who have visited a category within a specific period. Targeting is carried out by using data based on visitation and demographics and creating custom audiences whereby data based on consumer shopping behavior is applied.
  • Location targeting – This gives insight into consumer behavior within certain localities. Mobile location targeting helps give insight on where your consumer is and proximity target where you show ads based on consumers near your target location. Companies opting to use this mode of geotargeting must be compliant with all the privacy requirements of their audiences.
  • Weather targeting – Weather affects consumer behavior massively. You don’t buy sunglasses when it’s raining outside, do you?

That discussed, how then can geotargeting get your business right on top?

  1. Reach a highly-targeted audience

With geotargeting, you can target a lot of consumers, those who visit a particular location or group of locations. A lot of consumers own smartphones, making location targeting one of the most effective ways to display ads and pass on content to consumers.

  1. Personalized content

Targeting based on consumer location allows you to create relevant ads that help to create a better user experience since the content displayed is personal. With personalized content, you get more clicks, page visits, feedback, and conversions.

  1. Build authority and loyalty

With geotargeting, you can build authority for your brand. When your ads and content can provide answers to consumers, they spend more time reading your content and develop trust. Ensure to be an expert about your industry, as it will help you reap more fruits. Also, posting about your community enables you to engage a lot with consumers, building an emotional connection.

  1. Hide ads from competitors

While hiding ads from competitors may limit your reach to potential consumers in some way, it can come in handy if you are looking for a leg up. Exclude the locations of your competitors, and they will not be able to see what you are up to. This may also in some way, help you in saving part of your budget to focus on other aspects of your business.

  1. Reliability

Geotargeting is one of the tools you can rely on for your marketing strategy. The tools are easy to use, and maps can easily allow you to gather relevant information on your potential consumers. With this information, you are easily able to tailor-make your message or content to appease your target market.