How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Benefit Your Small Fleet

How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Benefit Your Small Fleet

The biggest challenge that small fleet companies face is rising costs. Gas around the world is seemingly getting more expensive all the time, and other costs such as insurance and maintenance can also be hard to handle. One of the best things you can do to help mitigate rising costs for your small fleet is to implement a GPS tracking fleet management system. Here are some of the top ways that it can help.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is a massive cost for any trucking company, and the price can fluctuate seemingly at will. However, while you don’t have control over the cost of fuel, you can at least control how your fleet uses it. A GPS fleet tracking device in each vehicle means that you can monitor everything it does. Idling, consumption, and speeding can all be tracked. With this information you can make policies regarding these things to cut down on your fuel usage.


A fleet management system can also help you with maintenance costs. One of the ways to avoid high maintenance costs is to keep all of your vehicles in good shape. Fleet tracking devices can also provide diagnostic information so that you can catch problems before they become too serious. It is always more affordable to keep things well-maintained than it is to pay for a large repair. Not only that, but a sudden breakdown that takes a vehicle off the road will affect your productivity.


In Australia, trucking companies qualify for tax rebates to mitigate the cost of excise taxes on fuel. However, it can be difficult to figure out the amount of tax you can claim, and get the right amount. A GPS tracking system will monitor where your vehicles go, which service stations provide eligible fuel, and how much idling your vehicles do. With that information, you can get an accurate sense of what is reasonable to claim for your rebate.


With GPS tracking, you can monitor the routes your drivers take, and how long they spend on stops. The fleet tracking system can then optimize your routes for you so that you are not only saving on fuel, but also getting your vehicles where they need to go more efficiently. The ability to track stop times will help with identifying if drivers are taking too long and wasting time on stops.

In general, the benefit of a GPS fleet management system is that you can have more control over the operation of your fleet. You can track movements, schedules, routes, and vehicle status. With this information at your fingertips, you can make choices and policies that will help you cut costs and be more efficient with your operation.