How Has Fight To Fame Disrupted The Sports Entertainment Industry Through Blockchain

How Has Fight To Fame Disrupted The Sports Entertainment Industry Through Blockchain

Modern sporting events are required to interest competitors and viewers alike. For the athletes, the primary point of attraction would be if the rewards are more when compared to the risks they are undertaking. On the other hand, viewers want to feel a sort of engagement with the participants, so that they are too can feel that they have participated in the results of the match.

This is where Fight to Fame comes in.

This MMA promotion venture combines MMA with Hollywood and cryptocurrency to create the ultimate promotion tactic. It has been speculated that this initiative will breathe new life into all three industries involved. Along with the inherent vivacity of the initiative itself, its use of the Blockchain technology has made things even more interesting on the entertainment front.

The business plan of Fight to Fame has a lot of scope for sure. Along with opening international branches all across the world to scout for talent and ensure that the best of the best is given the reward of stardom, it has also ensured that the audience gets to pick their hero through the Blockchain system. The viewers can vote for their favorite contestants, and ultimately crown them the winner.

Through the Blockchain technology, therefore, the viewers will be able to provide token-based support to the fighter of their choice to enable them to continue their journey to fame.

Why is this effective?

Employing Blockchain technology is a really smart business move. Human nature enjoys control, and people feel pleased if they realize that the choice they make will be relevant in some way or the other. If the viewers are told that it is their responsibility to choose the next best fighter, then they feel a sort of engagement with the whole process. Their decision and vote become important.  This forms a link between the viewer and the participant, making them believe that they have a role to play in deciding the outcome of the competition. This sense of participation boosts viewership in general.

Utilization of Blockchain in its financial operations is sure to offer the show the recognition it deserves. More and more people will understand how the Blockchain system works. The cryptocurrency involved in the show will also play a big role in involving more and more fans. As of now, the online medium isn’t very popular in terms of ticket purchases and casting votes. With the tokens of the show, known as FF tokens, this will be catapulted into the limelight. To understand Blockchain, people will look into the basics of cryptocurrency as well, and in the end, both the sectors will be benefited.

Therefore, Fight to Fame is not just about picking fighters of the street and shoving them into the limelight, but it is about providing the best opportunities to the most deserving. With the risk it has taken by combining these distinctly different industry models, it has started a lot of conversations about the Blockchain technology and its relevance in the making of a good promotional movement.