How Scammers Get Away With It

How Scammers Get Away With It

It is vital to ensure the business you are considering doing business with is reliable and trustworthy, especially because online scamming is so prevalent in today’s world. In 2021, there were 2.8 million reports of fraud collected by the Federal Trade Commission. Online access and the surge of the Internet have made scams and fraudulent activity much easier for scammers.

Jeff Kramer, the founder of Distinguished Agency and The Amazon Group, has created quite the persona for himself online. He has learned to leverage social media and the press to create an image that shows himself as a successful rapper, social media marketing expert, realtor, and many other things. The problem is that the persona he has created is based upon lies and scams.

Poor Communication Skills

Poor communication between the client and the business person is not always automatic proof that the business is a scam, but it can certainly be listed as a red flag when conducting business. Multiple instances of poor communication have been seen within Jeff Kramer’s business. One client asked for proof that the services he paid for were completed and received no response for weeks on end. Kramer was apparently unavailable for weeks to respond and when he finally did respond, all that was said was, “I’m being honest, and I will do my best to pay you back.” The response was followed by no more communication, and the client has still not received a refund.

Caught By Multiple Clients

A trading company is operated under Jeff Kramer. At least one client has been scammed through this company. He stated,  “We asked him to show us an update on our trading account. For months, he would ignore us. When he finally did, he told us it was our fault and still didn’t show the accounts. That’s f—ed up.” Trading always involves risks, but there should be a level of accountability as well. Multiple instances of cash disappearing have happened under Jeff Kramer’s name and businesses.

It is only a matter of time for scammers to be found out by others. Once people start noticing similarities and voicing them, scammers can be caught quickly. Multiple clients have complained about Jeff Kramer’s business dealings. One client asked him for proof that the service paid for was completed. After the pressure was continued to be put on Kramer by multiple clients, he sent a screenshot of a bank account to prove he no longer had the money. The issue with the screenshot is that it was very obviously a generic photo found on the Internet. The account showed was obviously not his. This incident further proves that Kramer is a dishonest business person and should be avoided when considering business deals.

If you are considering conducting business with Jeff Kramer of South Florida, beware of his scams. He currently operates under Distinguished Agency and The Amazon Group while also operating under his name Jeffrey (Jeff) Kramer.