How to Add Value to Your Car

How to Add Value to Your Car

Selling a car is an exciting process, not least at the thought of all that money you could receive. After all, cash can seem a little tight for many of us at the minute, and any extra can go a long way – whether that’s towards a bill or paying off part of your next amazing upgrade! Well, whatever the case might be, getting the best price possible for your car can really help take the edge off financially, and we’ve outlined six simple steps you can take to add value to your car (or just get more for it) as follows.

How to Add Value to Your Car

When selling, it’s important to ensure you’ve added as much value to your car as possible. Luckily, the following six easy steps can potentially net you hundreds or thousands more for the sale.

#1 Get a Vehicle History Check

One of the biggest sources of concern for buyers is ensuring that a car is genuine. In line with this, proving the validity of your vehicle can really help – and a detailed vehicle history check is the ideal option here. Try a vehicle check to reveal numerous pieces of information relating to your car, including past MOT history, stolen status, and the like. As such, this is the ideal way to prove the authenticity of your vehicle, helping encourage buyers to offer a better price.

#2 Clean the Vehicle

One of the most obvious steps to add value to your car is to give it a good clean. Indeed, first impressions count for everything; a dirty or messy car will have a substantially poorer impression. This can leave people unwilling to pay what the car is worth. Don’t chance it – make sure your car’s spick and span first.

#3 Touch Up Any Dents

Did you know that touching up small scratches and dents can potentially yield more from your car sale? These small blemishes can put people off paying full price; however, buffing them up can add more in terms of value than you have to pay at the outset.

#4 Ensure the Car’s Up to Date

Unfortunately, while parts will invariably go wrong from time to time, this can be a major turn off for many people who might be interested in buying your car. As such, ensuring the car is fully up to date on repairs and doesn’t have significant outstanding advisories from its past MOT may help you get a higher price for the car. Always do your research carefully, though, to see if the repair/replacement will help boost the value of the vehicle significantly.

#5 Think About Advertising Carefully

Different vehicles tend to have a very different target demographic. As such, when selling your vehicle, make sure you’ve considered the places you’re advertising to ensure your target market see the listing.

Final Thoughts

Adding value to your car shouldn’t be an impossible goal; in fact, it’s often surprisingly easy! In short, many vehicles can potentially benefit from a little TLC and time, and putting this into your own car can make a big difference.