How to Get Influencers to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Get Influencers to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Influencers have a big broadcasting voice when it comes to sharing on social media.

The quest to get more website visitors is an important part of any sound marketing strategy. You already know, as a business owner, your website should appeal to your target audience in order to encourage more visits. It’s also worthwhile to take a moment to think on how you can attract influencers. They can make a positive difference in bringing more traffic to your website. Know that whatever stage your business is in, startup or established, it’s never too early or too late to consider the impact of those who have the power to persuade others.

Why Influencers Matter

A UCLA study found a difference between influencers who convince and those who don’t. Psychologists call the movement that takes place in the temporoparietal (temper-oh-per-i-a-toll) junction (TPJ) part of the brain the “salesperson effect”. Researchers found there was more activity in the TPJ region in people who knew they were good at influencing others. The TPJ was livelier when they saw something that they hadn’t seen before and became energized regarding it. When this occurred, they were more prone to share ideas they felt were important—not only to themselves—but to others.

This matters because top influencers who are also publishers, journalists, and niche bloggers in your industry already have a following. Their power works in your favor if you have a new website. That’s because even if it produces high quality content, it may not yet have the clout of an influencer.

Established brands also benefit from having their content shared. Influencers might view them as experienced, legitimate, and responsible.

Produce Expert Industry Content with a Purpose

To encourage influencers to notice what you have to say, produce quality content on your website. Approach it from the standpoint of speaking as an authority with invaluable knowledge. The best way to do this is to write content that shows your expertise in your niche market. Remember: You can write great content, but someone has to care about it in order for it to be the right content.

Research Those Who Influence Your Niche Market

You’ve written subject matter that your niche target market finds meaningful. Now, do a quick Google search on your industry to get the names of some influencers. View their websites, and find out what concerns them, and read what they’re tweeting. Consider what would make an influencer look great in their own audience’s eyes. Determine which topics might excite them. Next, write some informative articles that add value. Before writing, ask yourself if you think the topic is on something they would want to share. Display content that influences two audiences: your target market and influencers of that target market.

Place Share Buttons on Your Articles and Images

Give influencers the easiest possible way to share any article located on your website. Place share buttons on each blog post. Don’t forget to add a link to your website on the images such as infographics you’ve designed. It may seem simple enough, but some miss these important steps.

It takes time and a concentrated effort to deliver content and images in a way that appeals to influencers and to your primary audience. But even great text on an outdated website won’t increase traffic. Make sure that your website content and design all go together. They should professionally match in tone and visual display. Having a properly designed and effective digital strategy is key to attracting top influencers to your company and brand.