How to Identify Online Poker Scams?

How to Identify Online Poker Scams?

We all know that there is a lot of wealth in the online poker industry and in 2018 the total net worth of the online poker industry was estimated at $116 billion and the numbers are growing at a rapid pace. An average poker player has earned around $10 Million, which is the right amount. Daniel Negreanu, a world’s number one poker player, has earned $16 Million from playing online poker. Games like situs judi online are giving such platforms to test the strength of your arms. 

It’s not easy to win at poker until you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on experiencing it. There are hundreds of cases when people were scammed by the intelligent scammers who’re most likely the ex-players of the poker industry. In a recent study about poker, scams found that most newbies get caught in these scams easily. They have less professional experience, which leads them to trust anonymous players at the poker game, and that’s the major mistake they made to get scammed easily. 

Most common online poker scams

The poker withdrawals

This is the most common and the easiest way of scamming by the online casinos. When you have earned enough credits, the next is you want to withdraw that money. Once you share your credit to your banking details, the casino will erase that particular amount from your poker account, but the transaction will never be made, and you’ll be asked to contact your concerned banks.

The set-up

Another scam that happens on the poker table when the conman gives you the authority to select your pocket hand. The trick he/she will be going to use here to dare you that you can’t beat him up in the game. In this way, he can make you feel anxious about the game, and you might take a wrong U-turn that will make you a victim of scams. 

Initial Deposit

Well, most players might spend a lot of time to verify whether the site is secure enough to share their credit or debit card details. But this scam starts when you deposit an amount in your poker account. Although your transaction will be completed, the amount will not be debited to your poker account. And in the end, you’ve to search for ways to reach that site for your plea. 

Advanced poker affiliates

We all know about affiliate marketing and the benefits of doing an affiliate business. The same goes for affiliate poker programs where people convince their friends and relatives to join the online poker game, and they’ll get a handsome commission in return. Many people run Facebook campaigns and spend money for blog posts to convince more people to join that game. In the end, when they claim their commission on that platform, the poker game will reject their claims for ridiculous reasons. 

Tracking Softwares

Many online poker games have flaws in their websites which allows the black hackers to track the user’s progress and then hack their account to withdraw their earnings. Although some big names in the online poker industry are spending a handsome amount to secure their websites, still these hackers manage to get benefits of weak coding by the website developers. 

Ending note

We have enlisted the most common scams that happen with folks’ online poker players. One can identify them before it’s too late and can save his time and money as well.