How to Stream the World Cup without Cable

How to Stream the World Cup without Cable

Every year football fans unite and watch one of the most anticipated global event, the FIFA World Cup. Even without cable you can find a way to stream the games you want to watch on the internet.

Get an Antenna

Antennas are cheap and they allow you to watch FIFA soccer matches virtually for free. However, you’ll be limited to only the games that are available in your region.

World Cup fans will usually see programming from Fox and Telemundo. Also, when getting an antenna keep in mind that you’ll need a TV that has an antenna input.

Subscribe to Watch

If you want to watch FIFA World Cup qualifiers then you can subscribe to a streaming service so you can unlock all the content.

Hulu is a streaming service that lets you watch live as well as for later. They have an offer that lets you watch free for 7 days. Then, there’s DirecTV with its Fox coverage and same 7-day trial. You can also pick from FuboTV or YouTube TV, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Once you have your pick it’s just a matter of signing up and paying to unlock the FIFA World Cup content.

Use a Free Streaming Site

The third and final option to watch FIFA games online is to see if there are any websites that offer them for free.

Free isn’t always better, and you should do your research beforehand so you won’t be scrambling for a legitimate website at the same time the football match is on. Reliable streaming links can be found with a quick Google search or when you’re on Reddit.

The FIFA World Cup is an exciting event that any self-respecting football fan must experience. Try any of these 3 options so you can watch your favorite football team in action!