“I am deeply passionate about teaching piano to promising youngsters,” says pianist Vladimir Tiagunov

Vladimir Tiagunov

One of the greatest pleasures for any musician is teaching their students how to experience their craft’s joy. World-renowned pianist Vladimir Tiagunov is passionate about playing his instrument, but teaching people how to play the piano is one of his real joys.

Tiagunov is an internationally recognized solo pianist, chamber musician, organist, and teacher. He gave his first solo piano recital at the age of nine and studied at Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts in Russia. He’s currently a professor at Long Island Conservatory. “I am deeply passionate about teaching piano to promising youngsters. I love seeing them improve and evolve as musicians. I enjoy being able to pass on my gift to a new generation.”

Many of Tiagunov’s students are Laureates of piano competitions. “My students are amazing,” he said. “They truly understand music. I love attending their concerts and competitions and hearing them play in front of a receptive audience.”

In addition to his prolific teaching career, Tiagunov has an excellent track record of his own. He’s performed in many solo and chamber concerts in notable concert halls across the globe, including Europe, Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and the United States, where he currently resides. He also regularly is invited to be a jury member at international music competitions such as Manolov International Music Competition, Music Soloist Competition, and International Piano Competition at Gould Academy.

One of his proudest moments was when he received a Certificate of Excellence for extraordinary dedication to the field of musical education and outstanding student achievement from Forte International Music Competition at Carnegie Hall in 2019. “It was a defining moment for me to be honored for my students’ dedication. Seeing your students excel is the highest form of gratification,” said Tiagunov. 

Vladimir Tiagunov is passionate about music and honing his skills as a world-class performer. Teaching is equally important to him. He has mastered the art of meticulously balancing both aspects, as he continues to mentor and guide the next generation of musicians.