Immersive Tech for an Enjoyable Gaming Experience

Immersive Tech for an Enjoyable Gaming Experience

Today’s modern online games use more than just the basics of immersion to draw the player in the environment. The screen or display and controller are still there; however, they’ve been augmented with the following technology for greater engagement.

Live Video

Almost all online games nowadays will have an interactive medium for other players. It can be the form of in-game chat, a virtual lounge, or in the case of casinos, a live video feed.

Easy access to high speed internet leads to more immersive tech, such as being able to see the dealer and opposing players when playing casino staples such as poker or Baccarat.

Audio Advancements

True gamers will know the value of good audio. After all, it’s a major component in immersion.

Both sound and gaming companies alike have invested in technology that takes audio to the next level. Integrated calls and spatial audio are widely accepted features, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy even greater depths with sound innovations.

Better AI

The thrill of playing with another live opponent is unsurpassed- they’re unpredictable, and no two games are the same.

Artificial intelligence in the form of bots and NPCs are set to take a step forward to bring greater gaming immersion. Game developers are making their AI behave like real players. Some are developing them to bring a greater challenge and really make the user think on their feet.

AR and VR Headsets

It’s only a matter of time before VR headsets become a popular consumer product for gaming. Right now it’s quite expensive, but as technology and manufacturing levels it should be more accessible to the general public.

When done right, an AR headset can become the de facto gaming equipment for a lot of online games. Virtual reality devices will need to improve in terms of resolution, but they’re slowly getting there.