Irrigation System Components Evaluation, Maintenance, and Repair

Irrigation System Components Evaluation, Maintenance, and Repair

Maintaining a visually appealing landscape can be challenging especially without the inclusion of experts for maintenance services. Creating a beautiful landscape requires an efficient irrigation system to ensure that the plants stay healthy with minimal watering adjustments. To keep one’s property landscape looking attractive, it is important to learn why irrigation maintenance is so important.


Most of the issues with the controller system are usually due to a programming error. The program is always set to ensure that the time located for the watering is appropriate. Experts help resolve such issues by double checking that the controller time is set at the exact time the water supply is desired to release. Errors can be due to the wrong indication whether the time is a.m. or p.m., and some cases may also be due to the controller resetting to its default time settings. The controllers can also be destructed by power surges which can lead to them freezing or locking up. When a technician is involved in the maintenance program, they will ensure that the controller is plugged back in case of a surge and reset the timing program to the required settings.


The sprinklers are normally placed in a hidden location until they are required, and the system has been pressurized. Sprinkler problems are always obvious since the water coverage of the landscape becomes unevenly distributed. Sometimes issues with the sprinkler result in large amounts of water going to waste. The sprinkler nozzle heads are usually designed to specifically pop up and revoke once the system is off and the watering stops. Unevenly distributed water sprinkling may be due to clogging which leads to blocking of the nozzle or directing the water towards an undesired direction. It can also be due to misalignment of the nozzles when disrupted. This can be solved by ensuring that the head is realigned vertically, are above the soil level, and has the appropriate steady pressure amount.


Valve interference is caused by careless activities and weather conditions such as freezing, thawing, vandalism, tree roots penetration, wear and tear or damages by sharp tools. Spotting of leakages depends on the amount of water leaking and it may require keen investigation to identify a small leakage point. Problems with valves may also result from electrical issues and need the help of a technician to identify and fix. The best irrigation systems have waterproof connectors to prevent corrosion of the wiring which cuts the connection between the valves and the controllers. Dirt and debris can also clog the valves and cause hydraulic problems in the system.


Damage to the underground pipes is usually obvious, a visible water pool may be seen or just could just appear as large patches of wetness. Pipe issues can also be identified by locating areas where the vegetation is much greener compared to other areas. Pipe leakages that occurs beneath the ground may require digging with the help of a contractor. Pipe breakages can also be initiated by pressure problems that cause unevenness of the pattern of sprayed water. In the case that pipe damages are caused by pressure issues, a technician may be needed to help in monitoring the water meter to see if the movements are normal.


Efficient maintenance programs require that the property manager identifies any existing problems and seek professional guidance that that will help them decide whether the system requires replacement or repair services. The services should also check on every important part of the system such as controllers, rotors, pipes, sprinklers, and valves.