Is executive recruitment software worthwhile for head-hunters?

Is executive recruitment software worthwhile for head-hunters?

The simple answer is yes, executive recruitment software is instrumental to a head-hunter’s work. If you’re a head-hunter who is contemplating the advantages of adopting recruiting software for executive search, then read on to determine why it is time to do so.

Those who already use and, therefore, know the power of executive recruitment software can attest to its ability to impact a head-hunter’s quality of work. Productivity spikes, focus on networking, executive candidate sourcing, streamlined workflow, clear and effective communication, etc. – these are some of the most prominent benefits perceived by users.

1. Productivity spike

Head-hunting is more efficient and organized once executive search teams begin utilizing executive recruitment software. It is a great platform to record and organize data correctly. It also automates most admin tasks, freeing up a substantial amount of a head-hunter’s time. The automated tasks are accomplished quickly often in a few minutes with little chance of errors.

2. Focus on networking

Once head-hunters discover that their executive search software is capable of competently accomplishing a lot of the repetitive admin tasks, they begin focusing their attention on more important tasks. Networking is at the heart of recruitment. The stakes are much higher for head-hunters because in executive search the positions they are filling are strategic to a company’s success and growth. Thus, head-hunters exercise a lot of care and caution when networking with senior executives to identify potential candidates for clients.

3. Sourcing passive candidates

Executive search denotes finding and matching the perfect executive in the market with the job role. Now that requires both active and passive candidates. Executive recruitment software like Talentis gives head-hunters an edge when it comes to sourcing passive candidates. The software can find an executive’s public profiles from different networking sites such as LinkedIn, Bloomberg, etc. There is no need to copy the information. Instead, the profiles can be saved on the platform and it is easier for the head-hunter to access these profiles quickly the next time they need it. It also recommends similar candidates from different companies.

4. Streamlining workflow

Working with an executive search software keeps all the data organized, simplifies the exchange of tasks and ideas among the search team, and helps craft monthly client reports. Before the advent of recruitment software, the executive search team saved their data on their computers in different files and folders. It was a hassle to compile and share the data. Now with a central platform, everything can be stored conveniently. There is no risk of misplacement of data. If a head-hunter is ill or on holiday, their team can still get access to the essential information easily. Mobile applications of the software also enable an easier working process. Now a head-hunter can work from anywhere and at any time.

5. Easy communication

It is evident that top tier senior-level and c-suite executives are very much in demand. This prompts the need to keep these executive candidates engaged in the recruiting process. Executive search takes a long time to finalize due to the nature of the position being filled. Head-hunters and hiring companies are careful to make informed choices. In the meanwhile, search teams can use the software to keep their executives apprised of the situation. They will appreciate the regular updates whether it is in the form of timely emails or texts. Interview tips and details can also be sent over quickly. Head-hunters can keep track of the most recent messages exchanged with their candidates via the software.