Island Dental Associates – Get Specialized, Convenient, And Affordable Dental Treatments

Island Dental Associates - Get Specialized, Convenient, And Affordable Dental Treatments

Island Dental Associates is a leading dental office that offers same-day dentures with an on-site lab. The clinic has been providing dental services in the Long Island Community for more than 27 years. They work with a single objective to offer state-of-the-art and innovative dental care procedures to help their patients  achieve a beautiful smile. They have an expert team of specialists, lab technicians, and dentists, work in close to deliver desirable results to their patients.

This dental care institute is located in Franklin Square, New York. They offer an on-site lab facility to perform same-day dentures, implants, and consultation all in one location. This New York State dental care center takes pride in being the only clinic to be equipped with all the advanced lab services and specialties on-premises.

Island Dental Associates are completely committed to delivering the most comprehensive dental care services to its patients. To accomplish this objective, they provide on-site dental lab services, with four professionally trained and full-time lab technicians along with the team of a highly experienced team of specialists and dentists.

Features of Island Dental Associates

The long Island dentists at the clinicoffer the following treatments to their patients.

  • hospital trained dentists who possess extensive training, specialized skills, and a sympathetic bedside manner
  • Compassionate visiting dentists
  • All-inclusive dental care without any need to leave the home
  • highly efficient and full-service house dental lab
  • free of cost consultations by an expert team of doctors
  • same day dental implants
  • same day teeth
  • same day dentures
  • comprehensive family care
  • enable accessibility for visually impaired people
  • comfortable, affordable, convenient, and pain-free dental procedures
  • four years of interest-free financing (as most of the dental clinics only offer 24 months of interest-free financing, Island Dental Associates is the only practices to offer more than 48 months of interest-free financing)
  • replace all missing teeth in just one day
  • fewer visits as well as chair time
  • perfectly sized dentures in the right length and shade
  • permanent and temporary restorations in a single day
  • accurate natural tooth/teeth restorations
  • dentures are created to offer a customized fit, natural look, and feel
  • dental house calls
  • best in class customer service (Patients can contact the clinic on its official website:
  • island dental examination room and waiting room

Why Should You Choose Island Dental Associates?

With so many dental clinics in every nook and corner of Long Island, NY, here are a few reasons why you should choose them for all your dental care needs.

. Perfect Outcome

The certified and highly proficient lab technicians and dentists at the clinic perform long Island dental implants to help their patients achieveperfect results. They pay close attention to every case, in order to deliver the perfect smile every single time.

. Convenience

This is another important feature of the clinic that makes it superior to rest dental care facilities. The clinic has a full-fledged on-site laboratory that helps people perform a wide range of tests under one roof easily.

In this way, it saves the precious time and effort of users to get their tests done quickly and easily. Also, it adds convenience to the user’s experience.

. Technology

The lab at the clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology in digital dentistry. The team of expert dentists uses advanced CAD/CAM technology to offer the most precise fitting restorations. In this way, the clinic strives to provide best-in-class treatment to its valued patients.

It provides patients with the accurate, aesthetic, and precise restorations that are made on-site. By bringing all dental laboratory services under one roof, the experienced lab technicians and dentists work together to achieve ideal restoration in no time.

. Friendly And Relaxed Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the dental clinic scares a lot of people. Due to this reason many people overlook their dental issues and do not get timely and specialized treatment. Island Dental Associates offers a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing ambiance that makes their visitors feel at ease.

Furthermore, their customer-friendly and supportive staffs are at their service all the time. Their professional and courteous staff members offer efficient and prompt attention to each customer. This gives a sense of assurance and peace to their patients. Moreover, minimal waiting times ensure a comfortable experience.

Their specially trained visiting dentists offer the same level of care that the patients get at the dentist’s office at approximately the same cost. They are experienced in geriatric dentistry and providing special care to disabled, seniors, bedridden and wheelchair-bound patients, and those with special requirements such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

. Affordable Pricing

The clinic offers expert dental consultation at no charge. They offer 0% financing for 48-months. Monthly financing begins at an affordable cost of $36 for a tooth and $369 for an entire mouth.

. Assistance At Every Step

When you take the assistance of Island Dental Associates, you will be guided and assisted at each step of dental care treatment. Starting from consultation with the dentist to post-operative appointments, the dentists will provide the best resolution to all your queries.

Features of Multi-Faceted Lab at Island Dental Associates

When compared to other dental offices, where a patient has to visit the clinic at least three to four times, or for many weeks to form a customized set of dentures, Island Dental Associates provide same-day dentures and implants to its patients.

As the dentures are created at the full-fledged lab located in their office, the time needed to send data to a lab, and waiting for the dentures to get created and shipped gets eliminated. Here is how the in-house lab services at the clinic benefit their patients:

  • Produce same day dentures
  • Create a full set of dentures
  • Create flippers, and partials
  • single-tooth replacement
  • Add teeth to the present denture
  • Replace broken teeth that are present on any existing denture
  • Reline or repair dentures on the same day

With all the above remarkable benefits, features, and services, Island Dental Associates makes the best choice for same-day service and beautiful dental results.