It’s Time to Switch to a Triply Kadhai. Know More!

Benefits Of Cooking in Triply Cookers (1)

The ever-evolving Indian kitchen needs kadhais that keep up with the time and harmoniously bring taste and flavor together with a flair incomparable to other cookware. Yes, it’s time for you to replace your old kadais with advanced triply kadhai that assure impressive performance through your culinary feats, and of course, beautifully adapt to your elegant cooking range! Read this blog to know what triply is and uncover the benefits of triply kadai to make an informed decision.

What is Triply?

Triply is a triple-layered stainless-steel material with a heat-conducting aluminium sheet sandwiched between a surgical stainless steel layer and a magnetised stainless steel layer. Mould this material in the form of a kadhai and you get marvelous cookware that makes cooking convenient and enjoyable for you!

Why Switch to Triply Kadhai?

Triply kadhais are safe to use with no contact with aluminium and have a finesse that usual kadais don’t. Here’s what you will get when you switch to triply stainless steel kadhai.

1. Omni heat –

Considered the best feature, it prevents hotspots, the culprits that cause sticking and burning of food, by evenly distributing heat and consequently saving fuel.

2. Durability –

Quality stainless steel kadhai does not rust and can last generations if maintained properly. It can also handle Indian techniques of cooking, and metal spatulas while ensuring your food is cooked thoroughly.

3. Versatility –

Triply kadais can beat any other cookware as they can come handy for frying, sauteing, slow cooking, etc.

4. Maintain Nutrition & Taste –

Stainless steel is non-reactive in nature and retains the taste of foods you cook in it, unlike some other metals that leech, leading to a change of taste and its nutritive value. Triply also cooks foods in less oil.

5. Induction Compatibility –

Another feature in its cap! Triply kadhais are induction-friendly, and if you get those with stainless steel handles, they are oven safe too!*

6. Ease of Maintenance –

With frequent use, the kadai’s body, especially the outer side of the base and the handles accumulates grease that can be a hassle to clean. A well-designed triply kadai with a rounded spill-proof edge can prevent spillage that causes this and is thus easier to clean and maintain.

7. Aesthetic Appeal –

Cookware that doubles as serveware is a must-have in every kitchen. Triply stainless steel’s aesthetic appeal makes it apt for serving too!

Now that you’ve uncovered the wonders of this marvelous kadhai, it’s time to finally purchase your triply kadai and take your culinary adventures to the ultimate level.