Keen’s Portable Buildings

Keen’s Portable Buildings

Keen’s Buildings are a custom building company founded in 1999, domiciled in Live Oak, Florida. They have multiple store locations and serve 48 continental stores. They make storage buildings, gazebos, barns, carports, and so much more. All these units are perfectly customizable and highly cost-effective.

Keen’s Buildings are one of the biggest companies in the niche that they dominate. It is a well-loved company and reputed for the storage solutions it offers. They provide high-quality units for different budgets and are cost-effective. Keen Buildings are unique in how they offer zero-money-down and offer other pricing plans for various buyers. They care about their customers and provide solutions for people that have different budgets.

NASCAR Racer Sponsorship

Before going into more about the services they offer, the article will discuss how they are a quintessential local business supporting local interest sports. They were the sponsors of Jennifer Jo Cobbs, who has emerged in the world of auto racing as a top competitor from where she began in 1991. She has also won several races and has finished as one of the top ten participants in every season in the championship standings. She has climbed the rank very quickly and challenged all those on the top of the ladder. Keen’s sponsored her to participate in the Daytona racing event.

Units and Uses

Keen’s buildings and their units can be convenient for storage and other uses that may be conventional or not. Some of these units are used for storage for cars, trailers, hay, household goods, music studio, an art studio, or a workspace for office work, welding, woodworking, and so much more. The fact that they are highly customizable makes them an excellent option for whatever one’s needs are. They are not only customizable but also cost-effective, so purchasing them is not difficult. They have financing options such as Rent-to-Own and even General Financing to help with purchasing.

–          Playsets

Keen’s offers a whole range of playsets that a buyer can choose from for children. They are perfect for homes, schools, day-care, churches, or even a park. With the number of available options, one can easily find something that suits their budget. The playsets come with free delivery and setup.

–          Red Iron Steel Buildings

It is well-known that red iron steel for construction is environmentally friendly and is generally one of the preferred methods to construct steel buildings. It uses less amount of steel and even helps in the reduction of waste. Red iron also helps keep the structure sturdy, safe, and long-lasting. The sales team at Keen’s is willing to work directly with the customers to customize the designs based on customers’ specifications, be it for commercial or residential use.

–     Steel Garages

Keen’s is the right option for one would want a garage that holds one, two, three, or even more cars, be it for their residence or even a larger unit for a commercial need. The Keen’s team can quickly help the buyer get a professional metal garage customized based on their request. The garages that can be bought from Keen’s can be fully customized to meet all their needs.

Their garages are constructed with square tubing that is ½” x 2 ½”. The customers can choose galvanized steel that is 4 or 12 gauges. The lengths that they can choose from when it comes to their units are unlimited. However, they can choose from the following:

➢  Custom sizes that fit a vehicle or equipment that is of any size.

➢  Thirteen different options for color.

➢  Walk-in pedestrian doors that are 32” x 72” or 36” x 80.”

➢  Gauge steel panels that have a choice of 29 or 26.

➢  Roll-up garage doors that are custom built.

➢  A free span width of 12’ to 40.’

–     Storage Buildings

Keen’s storage buildings are cost-effective, affordable, and easy to purchase. The customer can choose from having a facility that is certified or even non-certified. Keen’s storage buildings are built to industry standards and customized based on customers’ specifications. Here are the options that they can choose from for storage buildings.

–     Panels of steel

–     Siding of vinyl

–     Hardi-Plank

–     Sidings of T1-11 wood

–     Sidings of aluminum

–     ¾” pressure treated flooring

–     4×6 pressure treated skids

–     2×6 floor joists that are on 16” centers

–     A choice between a c-channel steel frame or even 2×4 yellow pine


The Keen’s Buildings are highly renowned for the strong storage units they build. They offer high-quality services and do not compromise quality. They have a large variety of barns, portable buildings, carports, gazebos, etc., that one can buy from them. The pieces are highly customizable, so the buyer can convert the space into something that suits their needs precisely and accurately. Keen’s is also a supporter of local sports interests, as seen by Jennifer Jo Cobbs’s sponsorship.

They are a company with capitalistic ideals that offer premium quality. They do not fail to live up to whatever they provide in the selling of their units. Even financing is as simple as filling up a form. The customer can expect a call from their account specialist. All this makes them an excellent choice for storage units.