Latest Technologies Being Used in the Sports Industry

Latest Technologies Being Used in the Sports Industry

Technology and the sports industry may not sound like the best combination, but the sheer variety and innovation has made it more engaging, fairer and safer.

The most obvious application could be that you can now watch your favorite soccer games or watch the latest soccer news anytime you want. Thanks to smartphones and mobile broadband you can enjoy exciting content while in the commute or during lunch break.

Recently, in other leagues technology is quickly becoming a standard.

Courtside Experience

Computer hardware and apps have now made it possible to watch your favorite NBA games as if you were sitting courtside. The combination of a VR headset and 3D mapping allows you to track the ball or the player simply by moving your head in the direction you want.

The result is a more immersive media consumption that appeals to those who want to experience sitting courtside even when they’re hundreds of miles away.

Video Assistant Referee

Different sports leagues may have different names for it, but the application is the same- video replay can help officials make the right call when a particular play is too fast to see with the human eye.

A control room manages the footage and brings it up to the referee when a challenge is called. The official can then play it back and forth and sometimes even in a frame-by-frame succession to see if the ball was out of bounds, for example.

Wearables for Safety Reasons

Wearable devices can be used to measure essential metrics for safety and performance. It can ‘see’ heart rate, fatigue and hydration levels and therefore lower the risk of injuries in practice or actual matches.

Off-court, wearables can be used by the players to get better at their craft. The data can then be reviewed and analyzed to correct postures or movements.​​​​​​