Luxury and Travel Tourism By Chef Adam Schihab, the Author of “The Islander Chef”

Luxury and Travel Tourism By Chef Adam Schihab, the Author of “The Islander Chef”

Tourism is core for the progress of a country. It strengthens the economy of a country and builds its reputation around the world. A country makes a firm place in the hearts of tourists when it provides safe and luxurious tourism, whether they are locals or foreigners. Successful tourism becomes a boosting factor of the economy. It creates thousands of jobs, improves the infrastructure, and becomes a bridge of friendship between outsiders and citizens. In addition, when culture is exchanged, the first and most important element is the food, famous delights and delicious recipes.

When it comes to food and particularly cultural food, then no one knows better than the chefs who are natives. A native chef is an ambassador of his country, nation, culture, and people. Sometimes, chefs become so popular that they become the face of their homelands. Such an energetic and innovative chef is Adam Schihab. Chef Adam Schihab has taken the level of cooking and baking to another sphere. He has crossed every limit and barrier that could stop him from what he is now. He has netted the prestige of a well-known chef who has been inspiring food lovers with his creative and innovative dishes. Whether it is salt or sweet, every time, Chef Adam finds a way to bring innovation, no matter how traditional is any recipe.

Born on the Maldives’ mesmerising island, Chef Adam, also famous with the name of “The islander Chef”, has become the symbol and pride of Maldives. Adam has an immense experience of cooking and baking that lasts over two decades. In all these years, he has honored himself by serving and catering in five class restaurants and cafes such as the Four Seasons, Conrad Hilton Dusit Thani, Relais & Châteaux, Waldorf Astoria and Ritz-Carlton. Chef Adam has shown his expertise in ten countries, including Italy, the United States, Australia, Qatar, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Oman, Indonesia, and the Maldives. Currently, Adam Schihab is serving and winning the hearts of Saudi’s citizens in Al Khobar.

In all the above-mentioned countries and restaurants, he commanded various recipes. He introduced a number of Mediterranean recipes with an innovative method by keeping their true essence of getting people to know how Maldivian food tastes like. Chef Adam Schihab, after all the glory and fame, did not forget his homeland. He could still remember his childhood’s iconic place where he used to go camping with his grandfather on holidays. The place, which once was the playground of Adam, now has a five-class resort and becomes the world-class beach in the world. Want to know how? Check it out.

An island that consists of eleven thousand coral islands is proud of its son Adam Schihab. In almost every corner of the world where Adam showed his skills, he could not resist adding the Maldivian items with tasty techniques that look attractive and taste delicious. His book, The Islander Chef, gained much popularity by the mouth-watering recipes described in it.