Majed Veysel: “Combination of black and white can make us see the Architecture more clearly”

Majed Veysel

Photography is an art of observation. It depends on how you see things. A great photographer finds something interesting in an ordinary place and captures the moment with creativity. A photographer is the one who took a usual shot and made it extraordinary. Majed Veysel is an architecture photographer who has a great interest in architecture. He always took black and white photos because he thinks that the combination of black and white can make us see the architecture more clearly. Let me tell you a guess about him and his work. 

Who is Majed Veysel?

Majed Veysel is a creative photographer as well as an architect and designer. He is famous for his black and white photographs of different architecture. He was born on January 15, 1995. Was born in Aleppo, Syria. He studied from an American school in Aleppo in 2012, and he moved to Istambul’s Bachcesehir University. From there, he graduated in architecture. In Italy, he studied architecture and started his master’s.

His popularity in social media:

Majed Veysel is an influencer in architectural photography. Majed Veysel has a lot of fans and followers in his social media profiles. Especially on Instagram, it looks stunning and eye-catching. On Instagram, the theme of his profile is black and white. In one of his interviews, he told the reporter that ” his art is the expression of himself, his vision, point of view on things that matter to him and provoke my senses, by translating them in my way.” So I guess now you can understand the passion and creativity of this man. He said that there is an indescribable magic in black and white that is impossible to explain. He thinks that black and white can give you more unique details of architecture.

As a photography role model and influencer:

Majed Veysel- “Keep doing what you love and let everything happen naturally never force it, but always remember time is a precious thing never waste it.”

Majed veysel is passionate about his photography. He has thousands of great photos, but he never tries to sell his pictures.  He never wanted to earn money from his photos. The main reason for this photography is passion and to serve humanity.

In this suffocating and jealousy full world, Majed veysel is a very polite and humble person. Who doesn’t seek money and fame, but his work and art make him popular and famous.

He took architectures photos in 10 cities. When a reporter asks him about this, he said every town and architecture is different in its way. If you look closely, you can find out.

Majed Veysel is perfect in his photography. He is an expert in shooting photos from a different angle. Shooting from different angles and directions will make your photos extraordinary. If you want to take pictures like him, you have to patient. Sometimes a perfect shoot may need a lot of your time. Sometimes it takes a whole day to make a great shoot. If you are not patient about it, you can’t be a good photographer. Majed Veysel thinks that colors can distract you from the main point of photos. If there is no color in pictures, it will help the photo be mean full to your eyes. Black and white images will make you realize that there are so many shades in them.

He is a very hard working person who loves shooting mono. He should be a role model for every new photographer who is patient and passionate about there dream. Majed Veysel is an excellent architecture photographer, an architect, and a designer who is dedicated and passionate about his photography and vision. If you never visited his Instagram page, you must visit there now before you say anything. I am confident that you will belive my every word after seeing his great monography shoots. So you must check out his website and Instagram page.