Manuel Suarez: “Learning new skills is the key to success. Once you stop learning, you’ll become obsolete”

Manuel Suarez “Learning new skills is the key to success. Once you stop learning, you’ll become obsolete”

Attention Grabbing Media founder Manuel Suarez is always thrilled to see new faces at his company’s workshops, masterminds, and seminars.

“It takes a lot of humility and courage to admit that you don’t know something, and it’s exciting to meet new business owners who want to invest in their success,” he said. “I always say that’s the real value in our community workshops – people can surround themselves with like-minded people who are just as excited about their business as you are yours.”

Suarez leverages his success as an entrepreneur to provide others the insights they need to find similar success. His number one tip? Listen, and listen well.

“Whether you’re just starting off or your business is taking off, be open to listening to people with more experience than you have, and never stop learning,” he said.  “After networking and taking feedback from others in that industry, put all those pieces together into an actionable plan. If you’re determined enough and committed to your company’s long-term success, there’s no telling where it could take you.”

And even after you’ve found success, he added, focus on listening more than you speak.

“I always want to be the dumbest guy in the room, because that means I still have something to learn,” he said. “Learning new skills is the key to success, because once you stop learning, you’ll become obsolete. You and your hard work are worth more than that.”

Suarez’s belief that everyone deserves to learn how to master their social media skills is what inspired him to create and teach courses targeted towards various niches and areas of interest. With his entrepreneurial experience, he has been able to make these courses creative and engaging for people of all skill levels. He also travels and speaks about digital marketing strategies and innovations, and shares lessons learned from his own mistakes and successes.

“It goes back to humility,” he said. “I’m humble enough to share my story, that I came from poverty and overcame a drug addiction, and I’m willing to put it all out there so that my story can do some good. I’m proud of my story and how it reflects on the man and the entrepreneur I am today, and I want other people to learn from my example and own their own successes too.”