MBA or MS- Which One Is a Better Option?

MBA or MS- Which One Is a Better Option?

Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science (MS) are two highly sought-after choices that keep aspiring candidates troubled and doubtful as to which program to go further with.

Both MBA and MS are contrasting courses with their own set of benefits and advantages.

In case you are thinking of further studies and need some solid guidance to select between MBA and MS, then the following tips might help you make your mind.

First and foremost, decide and choose

If you are focused on GMAT preparation and thinking of bagging an MBA degree then keep in mind that this is a post-graduation course in the field of business administration. If you yearn to take up the roles of a management professional and are confident about your abilities in entrepreneurship and business, then surely MBA would be the perfect option.

In contrast, the MS degree specializes in a particular specialty. For example, if you are pre-determined to specialize in engineering itself and plan to carry on in the engineering sector, or conduct engineering-related research, then MS is the right choice for you.

Getting admission

To enroll yourself for an MBA program, you must secure a minimum of 50% from a reputed university or institute for your undergraduate course. For MBA, the scores you have secured in XAT, CAT, GMAT, NMAT, and MAT will be put under the scanner and shall be taken into consideration.

To take up an MS, you must also bag a minimum score of 50% in your undergraduate course. Cracking GRE or Graduate Record Examination would offer you extra benefits.


An MBA course would offer you ample flexibility to switch from a general role to specialization in a particular field. You can enjoy the liberty of switching from one MBA branch to another during your ongoing pursuit of the course, as business studies tend to have a holistic approach.

MS, on the other hand, is a specialization study and it restricts you to a certain area of science and business. For example, an MS course in Marketing shall definitely need you to earn a degree or course which is related to Marketing.

What are the specializations?

In case you wish to earn an MS, you would be confined within a particular area. A few of the notable MS specializations are Statistics, Marketing Computer Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Structural Engineering.

In the case of an MBA, you would get the opportunity to learn the management basics, followed by critical thinking and leadership. The courses of MBA focus on Finance, Media and Entertainment, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, followed by Operations.

Cost to company

General surveys reveal that an MBA professional draws a higher salary than MS graduates. But this is certainly not a rule, because the salary structure tends to depend on a lot of factors such as experience, program pursued, functional roles and others.

Here are the differences between MBA and MS, the opportunities you get from them, and the advantages of both. Now, it’s time for you to take the call on what shall be your right choice and selection according to job availabilities and your capabilities to complete the course.

Final words

You need to select which course to pursue, depending on your probability of success in the field, interests, and the availabilities of job in the market.