Meet Tristan Tate : The ex-pro fighter turned luxury lifestyle and travel influencer

Meet Tristan Tate : The ex-pro fighter turned luxury lifestyle and travel influencer

Tristan Tate has a significant influence on public and he often monopolize the news headlines and columns because of his exploits in Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania. He is an old champion of K1 and Kickboxing in Europe for the Enfusion Kickboxing federation.

His father, Emory Tate was a brilliant chess master and his brother, Andrew Tate was the former champion of World K1.

The birth place of Tristan was UK where he got a lot of fame when he first appeared on channel 4 in 2011.  He participated as an actor in a reality TV show named, ‘Shipwrecked: The island.’

Tristan Tate struggled himself to become a millionaire and his own hometown, Romania news channels often publishes the news about his great collection of super cars. National television covered his three rearmost purchases. He particularly, uses Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate and Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, A Mclaren 720s for driving and we find them only among 175 examples in the whole world. Two other rich persons having these cars are Chris Tarrent and Jay Leno.

His car was crashed three years ago in an accident and his shoulder was injured badly that did not let him to fight again and he then retired. But this crash was in his favor to earn more money. He left his profession as a fighter and started other powerful businesses that made him financially stronger than before.

He has a big heart for the animals and he has four dogs at home, two of which he found in the streets and rescued by him. He also donates money to the dog shelters located in Romania.

When he moved to Romania, right after 12 months he became more popular. Bianca Dragusanu, a Romanian model and TV presenter was scandalized nationally when she was caught up on cheating her husband. This news was monopolized on TV and newspapers.

After that, Bianca let Tristan and Victor to spend more time with each other. It led to the cancellation of her TV show “I want you close to me” on Kanal D Romania because her image of being a family woman was blemished.

Tristan is an acute volunteer and amature chess player who goes to his neighborhood of Pipera to teach chess in the English at the youth centers attached to the English language schools. He got inspiration for the chess to learn, play and teach by his father. However, he could not play at a world level but he has proven to be a passionate player of this game.

His father had died three years ago due to a heart attack. Tristan wrote pitching words for the book on his father’s life, “Triple Exclam!!! The Life and Games of Emory Tate, Chess Warrior” and he also gave interviews on and

Tristan has a sherdog record of 1 MMA bout which he took last minute post retirement. It was fought on the world famous RXF show and Tristan lost by capitulation. He took the fight as a favour to the owner of the show after a last minute opponent pulled out of the show.

Before Tristan got retired, he had a great sherdog record of 1 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He made this record by fighting in a World famous show, RFX but he lost by submission. During his fight, he thought to give a favour to the show owner, right after the opponent withdrawn the show at the last moment.

Tristan is now seen in the social media game dominating the world of luxury influencing with over 50,000 followers and growing rapidly every week. He loves to explore different places of the world and keeps on sharing his travel experiences on Instagram and has joined the club of luxury influencers.

Having a great experience in this field and the love of 50,000 fans, Tristan stays motivated to share relevant and relatable content. With his eye on the 100k mark, Tristan keeps putting out interesting content regularly and at current rate of growth soon enough he’s bound to hit the mark.

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Former professional fighter Tristan Tate enters the world of luxury Instagram influencing.Meet Tristan Tate : The ex-pro fighter turned luxury lifestyle and travel influencerTristan Tate talks about re-defining luxury and travel influencing Luxury and Scandals – Life of Tristan Tate.