Micro Influencers Taking Over The Scene with Node App

Micro Influencers Taking Over The Scene with Node App

Are social media influencers and bloggers taking charge as the new food critics? This Toronto based start-up is taking advantage of the craze of micro influencers with the help of a new mobile application called Node App. The app gives social media influencers free products and food, all they have to do is to post photos with the products they’re provided.

Consumers are relying more than ever on micro influencers for choosing their next purchase. According to a survey, 70% of the people tend to purchase a particular item after viewing its recommendation online. (Source : Stackla), and three of out four purchasers have visited a retailer after seeing it on a Instagram or Facebook post (source: Maru/Matchbox).

“We’ve worked for almost two years to develop node, and we’ve built a model that rewards influencers, while offering exposure and a plethora of content for businesses.” Says Armin Faraji, the company’s founder.

The Node App team comprises of influencers, advertisers and programming engineers determined to democratize influencer marketing. After almost 2 years of working and development, the Node App propelled on the Apple Store—and is just accessible to a select group of people.

There have been more than 1500 influencers who have signed up to join Node, but apparently only 5% are accepted into the beta program. Their list comprises of local businesses, start ups and national brands— making the app a fit for virtually any b2c business.

Node is proud of itself for offering an answer for business and brands to engage with influencers in an effective way. The organization offers organizations boundless access to their platform for 200-300/month. What’s incredibly unique about this SaaS/marketplace application is that organizations are not charged per influencer, yet for access to all influencers.

Different brands are seeing the prompt effect of the content shared by Node’s influencers. “The Node App has been such a content creating machine for us! It streamlines the tedious and inefficient process of digital collaborations for both parties and creates a mutually beneficial partnership. I’ve recommended it to other restaurants already!” – Jamil Bhuya, CEO/Founder of Burgers n’ Fries Forever.

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