New Trend Of Display Mannequin – Time To Upgrade Your Visual Marketing

New Trend Of Display Mannequin - Time To Upgrade Your Visual Marketing

If we compare the clothes shop to a book, the window display must be its cover. Mannequins in the display window not only catch people’s eyes, deliver information but also represent the culture of a shop. Undoubtedly, display mannequin is now emerging to be the core of a shop’s visual marketing. Decorating a shop is only a primary benefit, attraction and promotion are what it could really help in.

That’s why people spent lots of time investigating how to perfect the mannequin display and summarize some methods of them. Following are the traditional ways to display mannequin, and you will expect to see a new trend of it.

The traditional ways of mannequin display

The traditional ways of mannequin display are mainly divided by the number and the position, see more details in the following.

Single mannequin display method is used to stress some certain excellent clothes. The single mannequin display needs to be distinguished from the surrounding display.

Two-three-one combination display method means two or three mannequins being put in a window, while a single one would be monotonous and too many are redundant.

Group display method is that more than three mannequins are put on display, together forming a series or a style.

High and low scattered display method means some of the mannequins are set sitting while some are standing, making the whole display full of changes without losing the beauty.

Back and forth scattered display method is that the mannequin body being set in the front and at the back of a clothes shop, creating multiple levels of display, making a visual crush to the customers.

We could not deny that all these methods help set a mannequin display, and its benefits to highlight some essential clothes design as well as boost sales are without a doubt. But after years of mannequin display, is there anything innovative to make the display out of convention? Will any new idea of display popping up? Of course the answer is yes.

A new trend of mannequin display

With the development of technology and the progress of people’s appreciation, methods to set a mannequin display has gone through tremendous shifts. Learning the following new way of displaying the mannequin body, you will win at the starting line with your visual marketing.

Unify the style It’s better for your mannequins to be in the similar colors and the same style, the assemble of the same thing could form a shock, which means leaving more fabulous impressions to the customer. Also, if the color and the style go in the same, the whole image of the shop will be coordinated, making people feel comfortable.

Zoning exhibition While unified style is for the sense of coordination, zoning exhibition could complete the mission of pluralism. One style for one zone, and then change the style for another, this could make the customer feel that the clothes in your shop are various and abundant. But one thing you need to pay attention to is that, you need to give a transition between different zones. Otherwise, your whole decoration will be in a mess.

Set a specific topic Display is not only about beauty but also of culture, if the clothes you display could form an atmosphere to go with your clothes shop, it will add more value to your shop and create a sense of high grade.

Catch up with the season and the festival Can’t think of any new topic to set? It doesn’t matter, you could simply catch the trend to meet the requirement of some festivals and the season.This could make your shop always in fashion.

Convey a story The display would be dull if it’s only beautiful but not conveying anything meaningful. Since the display mannequin is a model imitating human, we could view them exactly as human to form a story. Give them a role, set a particular scene, carefully select the male and female mannequin and even the kid mannequin, pay attention to their gestures and facial expression, you can master a unique and interesting story yourself.

Choose a superior mannequin body to help

Just like “you can’t make bricks without straw”, you can’t create outstanding mannequin display without a superior mannequin body. I totally recommend you to choose the PC mannequin, since it’s recyclable, durable, which can save you large amounts of money. What’s more, this kind of mannequin material is good at standing high temperature, which means it won’t be affected by the illumination set on it. Its non-toxic, odorless feature are also welcomed by most shop owners. A high-end manufacturer called Posh Concept is highly recommended here since it is adept at producing the PC mannequin with professional and exquisite technique. This superior and eco-friendly mannequin could surely render enormous help for your mannequin display.

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