Northshore Clinical Labs Continues to Strive Toward a Pandemic-Free Future

Northshore Clinical Labs Continues to Strive Toward a Pandemic-Free Future

Northshore Clinical Labs continues to work hard to end the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Chicago-based lab sets out more initiatives to empower the United States to eliminate the virus.

COVID-19 has had far-reaching repercussions not just on the economy and business front, but on our personal lives as well. It forced society to think about its overall health and activities we take for granted, such as eating out, studying and socializing with others.

In the US alone, coronavirus is believed to be the cause of 900,000 fatalities. More than that, it has imparted serious and chilling consequences on children and the elderly.

Northshore Clinical Labs has battled at the front line to provide welcome relief in these trying times. The Chicago-based company has various testing services such as immunology testing, molecular diagnosis and pathology services for those who need it. The company was among the first to help communities in Illinois, with quarantine testing, symptomatic testing and asymptomatic testing.

The company has also lent a hand in organizing donations and fundraising programs, as well as on-site support for those affected.

New Initiatives to Fight COVID-19

Northshore Clinical Labs in Chicago, IL processes around 20,000 coronavirus tests each day using its ultra-modern lab for fast and efficient results.

In line with testing services, Northshore has partnered with various organizations, businesses and agencies to drive up the quality of life within the community. Nursing homes, community clinics, schools, summer camps and homelessness organizations are just some of the few platforms that are getting a boost from Northshore.

The Elderly

The pandemic has taught us that the most at risk are the elderly. Data reveals that those aged 50 and above, as well as those with existing conditions are more likely to die from COVID-19 than other demographics.

16.5 percent of the US population are aged 65 and above, and the death rate has climbed up to 75.5 percent in light of COVID-19 infection.

Northshore Clinical Labs assists with improving the elderly community’s quality of life in care facilities such as nursing homes, independent living homes and assisted living homes. The company offers testing services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in locations such as Bridgeview Healthcare Center, Westminster Palace and Three Crowns Park, among others.

The Children

Interaction is a crucial element in any child’s development. Life skills and soft skills are learned in this environment and are taught by teachers in school settings.

Schools are traditional settings where children spend their formative years, but it became a risky platform when the pandemic hit. To change this, Northshore Clinical Lab has assisted with various on-site testing services so kids could return to a safe classroom environment and enjoy interacting with peers and educators again.

Northshore is currently partnered with the Learn Charter School Network to ensure the children are safe to return and stay in schools and classrooms.

Summer Camps

Summer camps and similar recreational activities were restricted in light of COVID-19. In order to allow children and teens to enjoy the great outdoors again, Northshore Clinical Labs has provided testing services to approximately 100 summer camps.

The Homeless

Homeless people are also affected negatively by the onset of COVID-19, mainly due to exposure, current living environment and poor hygiene conditions.

Northshore Clinical Labs addresses this concern by setting up the ShowerUp Program, which gives homeless people direct access to hygiene resources via mobile units in 3 locations around the Chicago state.

Aside from that, the company provides help for the homeless community by improving their living conditions and recommendations on how to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Northshore Clinical Labs continues to strive forward with innovations to eliminate COVID-19 24/7.