NSA must share threat information about cyber attacks


The US government premier digital spying agency NSA has earned a good reputation for maintaining secrets. But now the agency needs to stop keeping secrets to protect the nation from the hands of Cyber attacks.

On Wednesday, Neuberger said in her first public address since July, the mission of the directorate is to eradicate and prevent foreign hackers from continuously attacking the critical targets of the US, including the defense companies and election infrastructure.

She acknowledges the difficulty of the mission in one of the onstage interviews conducted at the Billington Cyber security Summit. At the same time, she also said that the increasing number of hacking threats from China, Russia as well as other US adversaries indicates that the nation ‘must’ achieve the goal.

Further, she added that this mission also means that NSA which was colloquially ‘no such agency’ and kept for protecting its hacking operations, as well as the secret sources traditionally, should now start sharing threat data with the cyber security pros of the private sectors. NSA needs to share the details more quickly than it used to do in the past. Several recipients complained that by the time they get information in hand, they no longer remain useful.

Neuberger said to the reporters that ‘creative approaches’ need to be adapted for information sharing by the agency.

For example, the agency is looking for different ways to present the cybersecurity threat details so that it becomes impossible to trace back the group or person with whom it has been shared. On the other hand, the agency may start seeking cybersecurity organizations that have similar information but from different sources.

She said that Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting certain industries and NSA is worried about the United States adversaries may try to use the Ransomware for disrupting the 2020 elections by simply locking the crucial systems on the day of Election.